Tuner Fest 2021

Where do we even start with Tuner Fest other than saying it was a complete vibe. From inception to completion, the whole event came together like a smooth coilover install on a rusty old honda without stripping any bolts. What is Tuner Fest? Where did it come from? Who made it all happen? Where is this event held? When is the next one? All these questions and more will be answered in great detail in the paragraphs to come. Sit back and enjoy this journey as we look back at our banger of a season opener event called Tuner Fest.

What the hell is Tuner Fest one might ask? Tuner Fest is a melting pot for the music and motorsport communities. Simply put, the main focus of Tuner Fest is on building a better car community for us all to enjoy. Leave your ego at the door kind of thing, if you catch my drift. No room for clout chasers or pre-madonna award complainers, however there is room for people that love music and car culture.

The melting pot of people consisted of music lovers, bass heads, modified trucks, stance builds, imports, domestics, classics, jdm and euro cars. Anyone and anything that has a passion for music and modifying cars or trucks, Tuner Fest is your safe space to be who you are. Being who you are is what's most important,  never let what other people think or even say of you affect your determination and achieving your goals.

Where did Tuner Fest come from? Tuner Fest is our very own brainchild of an event. I felt the need to create something that can fill the void and break the mold of repetitive car shows we have grown so used to over the years. I wanted to showcase my own abilities and skills of organizing, promoting, marketing and funding a show. Most importantly I want to show my level of detail when creating these events in a way that would produce a lasting memory.

How do I make sure that my event will produce a lasting memory and a positive experience? I like to make people feel involved as much as possible, so when a car completes their registration. I make them a custom APPROVED/ACCEPTED/CHOSEN vehicle image. For this last Tuner Fest, I made over 230 custom acceptance images for the registered vehicles. 

The next thing I like to do for registered vehicles is to put together a goodie bag. I've been to many shows as a show car, vendor and spectator and I notice quite a few things. One thing I notice for sure is that not many shows take the time or resources to thank the ones that make the show possible (i.e. the show cars).

So in my goodie bag I like to include a few things. A few stickers, their official acceptance registration sticker and also a few small Stance Down Low pieces of merchandise. This year I included our buttons and also a custom registered vehicle mirror hanger card. It's the small things that matter and it's all in the details. So even if you don't win an award you still don't go empty handed. 

The registered vehicle crowd was very competitive and we had cars from across the midwest travel to Tuner Fest. Let's take this time to take a look at some of the heavy hitters before we go further in detail about the show.

Here is Josh's mustang aka Lucifer. Sporting it's drag race set up and showing off it's newly upgraded power plant.

Here we have Illia's newly wrapped genesis sitting on his very big and wide kranze vishnu's. Next to the Hyundai is Russel's BMW representing Dirty Minded. Russel just got these wheels and had them sent out to California to be re-chromed. The finish on these wheels are mirror-like and I want them so bad.

Is there such a thing as too much wide body...? Those wheels on the FRS tho.... straight fire!!!

The trucks came harder than I anticipated. Their builds were like no others and on another all together. Let's look closer at these truck builds.

Now this one deserves a closer look. The paint job alone will stop one in its tracks and go in for a closer look.

Hats off to this owner and club Nokturnal and club Diablo's. Truly amazing show pieces, like a canvas is to an artist, these vehicles are to the owner. Ready and waiting to become a masterpiece.

From the truck crews let us transition to the car clubs that came out to tuner fest and let's highlight some of them. Here we have team elevate which came out in force and had almost a dozen registered vehicles.

The leader of Rounin Syndicate's WRX STI. These guys always come out in numbers and are one of Chicagoland's up & coming car crews.

Team Uprise came out to tuner fest with all the old school toyota's & mazda's. One thing I did notice about this club was the fun they were having. Seeing people enjoying themselves definitely makes all the stress worth wild.

Is it really a car show if NVUS isn't present? Cj's s2k looking frosty with his new wrap. Thank you guys for always coming out and for your continued support.

Some other honorable mentions for the car crews goes to team blacklisted & the legendary car club. Fairly new to the scene both these clubs are and they are packing a ton of potential to grow. I'm excited to see these clubs expand and grow.

That's it for now on this 1st installment recap of tuner fest. We got introduced to the Tuner Fest show concept, a little insight into what it takes to put on a show and some of the vehicles that made this a car show. Next we will get into the vendors, the music, the dj's and the TWO STEP competition!!!!

All these photos are because of ISAAC SANCHEZ PHOTOGRAPHY. Click on the last pic above to go directly to his page and smash that LIKE button!!!!.

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