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From Stance-a-Palooza to Ultra Low, see what we have learned from our first indoor event to now!!!

Ultra Low was our season opener this year and our second go around at an indoor event. I took what I learned from stance-a-palooza and tried to make it better. Bigger stage, more sound, more lights, more music, more girls but most importantly more heat.

We snagged up the robinson hall at the kane county fairgrounds and it is a heated building. With the biggest concern being heat taken care of, this allowed me to focus on the production and marketing for the event. The creative side is something I really enjoy when it comes to marketing the show. Envisioning and creating the atmosphere is a joyess process.

One of the first things I like to cross off the checklist is the music line up. Being a cross culture festival that artistically combines music and motorsports, the music has to be on point. I opted for a mixture of hip hop and edm to fill the music line up.

The opener Melo Tripp was my favorite and an upcoming local hip hop artist with some serious talent. Make sure you like follow and subscribe to his youtube channel.

Next on the bill was Dj5ive. With credentials like The House of Blues on his list, I knew Dj5ive was more than capable of bringing energy to the party. He went above and beyond and even made a little mix just for an ultra Low promo vid.

Following the edm we went back to hip hop with Highest Low. A duo set of local talent that came highly recommended and they threw down. Their set was high enegery and had the crowd highly involved and participating. It was nice to have real lyricist and story tellers on the stage. For both hip hop artists on the bill, I highly suggest that you like and follow them because they have some real talent. 

Next up are our direct support artist and headliner but before we get to that head banging madness. Let's take a look at the show and some of the cars, crews, models and vendors that were in attendance.

Let's start with the models. I love these girls for doing what they do and you guys better be buying their merch. We had the lovely Nicole Lynn, the tight Jenny K, the tattooed Kherish, the exotic Xtlann, and the beautiful Miss Tayla Drew. Enjoy this intermission.

Feel like I need a smoke after those last few photos. Moving right along, roll in and set up went very smoothly. Per usual my best buds from mxpi arrived last and right at the end of roll in. That's ok because they were also debuting their lexus gs300 VIP project. Yes it is static!!!

The stage being the focal point of the show, it took the longest to set up. But the results are worth the work and time. This couldn't of been possible without my close knit staff. It's even more special to see people crowded around the stage and checking it out.

Or maybe they were just crowding around around chris hill's gtr and ferrari.

I envisioned the atmosphere being a certain way. I conveyed my thoughts to our stage company and they knocked it out of the park. All the lights and fog naturally attracted people to the stage. It was now time for our event host Jai to take over and entertain the crowd.

So the crowd started to leak in and soon there after the leak had sprung and the crowd was pouring in. Maybe it was the music, or tacos or the bbq or the ice cream or the liquor vendor or the high caliber of cars in the show, or maybe a combination of all these factors which lead to interest of my event we called Ultra Low. Whatever factor it may be, I'm truly grateful to the community for allowing me to put these events together for you to enjoy.

I've heard my passion can not only be seen in the marketing process but also felt on the day of the show. This is something I really enjoy doing and it gets me right in the feels when people not only enjoy the event but also notice my efforts and for that, I am forever humble.

With the taco grill slanging taco's left and right, the bbq smoking and the drinks pouring it was time to turn up and get our headliners on stage!!!

I personally love the grimeyness from our direct support artist Aliens At Work. The perfect sound to lead into the headliner Blue Future. Before we say another word, go like and follow these guys, they are Lit!!

The progression from Stance-A-Palooza to Ultra Low is apparent. I put a lot of effort into creating this wave. I am a movement by myself but a force when we are all together. Which is why I say at the end of every show that all you guys have to do is believe in yourself and you can make anything happen. 

As always, every stance down low event is a family friendly environment. We encourage sharing your passion with the kids and getting them involved. Plus the kids love the lights and stage. They will usually end up dancing to the point of tiring themselves out and passing out in a power wheel. From here, let's take a look at some heavy hitters that attended the show!!!

This article is dedicated to a friend, a member of our community who recently passed. May this be a reminder of how precious life is and how time is not guaranteed. We could be anywhere doing anything but instead we are all here together, in the same place for a reason, because we love this shit. Leave the petty drama were it belongs, with the birds. Hug the ones you love and check on your friends.  

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