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Stance-A-Palooza is our take on an artistic collaboration between music and motorsports. This was our first endeavour completely solo in regards to an indoor car show. Also, it was our way of saying thank you for an incredible season and one last hoorah for the year!!!

One of the first things I like to do after securing the location is to solidify the music line up and cross that of the list first. When building a music motorsport festival I looked at other big music festivals to see how they go about marketing. Announcing the music line up somewhat early helps because it gives a legitimacy to the show right away. Plus you're able to tap into the music fan base early and gain more reach and build more momentum.


Keeping with the Stance-A-Palooza theme, I wanted to have a diverse mixture of music genres throughout the day. We started off with Copper Harbor, an acoustic set highlighting some originals and radio top 100 covers. Followed by DJ Bobby Styles which did an old school 80's 90's house music set. After that, we turned the bass up for DJ Diablo with his riddim beats. To lastly, our headliner Lebowski. A very talented rapper a good homie from Tech9 and now with Twista. Lebowski brought down the house with his energy and captivating performance.

Then I like to focus on what models will we have at the show. This part of the process can be intimidating, especially if you're a little shy. Sometimes it takes a random message just asking if they would be interested in being apart of the show. You know you'll miss 100% of the shots you don't take, so might as well give it a shot. We finalized our model line up with Nicole Lynn, Jenny K, Kherish Miller and Miss Tayla Drew. Miss Tayla was also our host for the event.

Once we started to build momentum the show really started to pick up. We got our first event sponsor Mach 5 Auto Storage. A new vendor called Stay Woke Performance. Then more vendors and sponsors came aboard like, Window Works, K's ultimate vending, the taco cart, and a trophy sponsorship from The World Financial Group.

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Being my first stint at an indoor event, I wanted to keep it manageable and very exclusive in regards to registration. Limiting the number of vehicles not only kept the quality of applications up but also allowed me to keep things organized. So now my challenge wsa to find a location that would be suitable.

This is how I came across the Kane County Fairgrounds and ultimately choose this location to hold Stance-A-Palooza. The only building available just so happened to be their smallest and most affordable building as well. This would turn out to be a double edged sword and I will explain.


The availability and the price came with no heat. The event was in mid november and it was cold. Cold like the swiss alps cold. In times of adversity, that is when true colors come out and that is when you find out who is really ready to ride for you.


My team couldn't of stepped up more and brought every space heater available. Even with an army of space heaters the space was still cold. Mind you now, this is roll in time and people are arriving. I would also like to take this opportunity to give a special thanks to an unsung hero, the judge. The judge, my friend Dave did an amazing job.

One person in particular, who I did not expect this from, came up to me and offered their torpedo heater to use for the event.


I wasn't about to have this special someone go get their heater but he insisted and explained he lives five minutes away. I graciously accepted his offer and soon thereafter, the heat was on. These genuine acts of kindness to help without asking or even expecting anything in return are coming fewer and further between these days.

Despite the only real complaint of it being cold, the feedback I received was very positive and I only see room for improvements. Throughout the years I've hosted, sponsored and attended car shows, I like to take what I've learned from other shows and apply it to my own little car shows. This helps me because my goals are to create an environment where people will make memories that will last a lifetime. With every show I learn something new.

This show taught me to be more patient and selective. Most importantly it taught me that I can do it on my own, with respect to my team of course. But funding, marketing, planning and organizing events is something that I've grown passionate about and enjoy the process very much. Seeing it all come together and people genuinely enjoying themselves makes it all worth it.

With that being said, stay tuned for our season opener we will call ULTRA LOW!!! BIGGER HEATED VENUE !!!! Thank you everyone!!!

To say these shows are stressful is an understatement but I truly enjoy every up and every down that comes with it. With every rip, I learn something new and take that to make the next event and make it better.

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