Best 9 of 2018

Another year has past and is in the books. We are thankful for all the good times and lessons that 2018 has taught us. At the same time we are eager to take on 2019. We have a lot of content ready to share with you but we are in the process of having the website redesigned. But before we talk about the new look for the website, first let us recap some of our most memorable experiences of 2018.

Lets start the list off with the first show of the year that I attend. This years' Chicago Auto Show is special to me because it is the first time I took my son to experience it. Building memories and sharing my passion with my son will always be something I cherish.

Our best of list wouldn't be complete without a Gridlife mention. Why do we love Gridlife, that's easy. A whole weekend of racing, drifting, music and most importantly friends. I used to be the type to stay at a hotel for this event but when I made the decision to camp.... Well the whole gridlife experince was turned up a notch because we were living the gridlife. 

PGP Elgin is another great experience because this show is in my home town and is one of the most lit shows of the year. We have worked relentlessly with our fellow lifestyle brand Stay ILL to create more than just a show but also a brand and an experience.

Next, I can't help but recall one the best open house events of the year I attended. Which was the Speed Inc. open house. What made this such a memorable experience for me was honestly the whole day. This happened to be the third meet of the day I attended and I showed up with an appetite. Unbeknowst to me, Speed Inc had this event catered. So not only did I get to see some of the best done up muscle cars in the area but also got to eat some bratwurst, chips and cookies. Besides the food, this might of been the most organized open house I've attended ever.

Tuner Evolution made the list because this was the first event I attended with my new car and with my son and his car. Being able to share my passion with my son is something words can't describe. I'm looking forward to sharing more experiences and creating memories with my son.

When you've done something successfully for the past three years, naturally the next step is to evolve and expand. Which is why PGP went to Milwaukee. This is probably the biggest learning experience of the year for me. Learning about new cities, new markets and new strategies. Not everything we did worked.

The most important lesson we learned is that you can't go too big for the first time in a new place. I believe we learned a lot about ourselves in the process as well. Despite all the hardships and trying moments, for me it's always seeing the energy of the crowd and all the smiling faces that make it all worth it. The kicker, the whip cream on top; were the fireworks that started going off toward the end of Dirty Audio's Set and we had nothing to do with that. Which made the Milwaukee experience that much more magical.

A picture is worth a thousand words and this image means so much to me. My first completely solo indoor show. Completely solo funded, marketed, organized and everything all was Stance Down Low. Well, I couldn't of done it with out the support system I have. The day 1's who believe in me and I can't help but attribute my success to them and I can't express enough graditude for the people that believe in me. 


As we briefly mention in the begining of this article, we have a lot of content on stand by ready to disperse once the new website is finished. This being one, a feature shot with one of Chicagolands most infamous supra's. What sticks out about this photo shot was the interaction I had with the owner.

It started with me saying "I hope you like to watch, because I'm going to f*ck the sh*t out of your car with my lens" and the response I would of never imagined and to be honest made me cry at how hard I laughed. The supra's owner response to my statement was " what?!?! like POV ". I lost it at that moment and had one of the biggest laughs. It was because of this interaction that made the experience so memorable and why the supra made this list.

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