Best 9 of 2017

Where do we begin, we took so many picture and made some amazing memories this past year. The task of narrowing 2017 to only 9 photos is harder than it sounds. So on this list you will see what I consider our best photos of the year and the memories that go along with them.

First up, we revisit Wekfest at McCormick's Place and one spot on EK hatch. Probably the cleanest EK build in the midwest and my favorite to be frank. I particularly love the rear end of this hatch. The Sergeant rear diffuser is my favorite piece on the whole car. Which is why this photo made the list, plus the background of McCormick's Place makes for an epic image.

Next image is from one of our feature shoots. This is when I first learned of HDR photos and was able to practice on these beauties. These super cars made for a super image, but what was more memorable was the shoot itself. The sound from the exhaust on the GT3 was so pure, it gave me chills as it climbed the RPM range. Also, the burnout from the Viper was unforgettable. Be sure to watch the feature video from this shoot, it will not disappoint.

Next we recall an image from another feature shoot we did with OZ and his one of a kind Scion Xb. I love how this image came out but what you guys don't know is the story of what it took to capture this image. Waking up at 4am to pick up a friend and drive over an hour to this location, just to capture the sunrise. Would I do it again? You bet your ass I would.

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Moving right along, our next image is from our infamous Parking Garage Party or PGP for short. What started out as an idea amongst friends turned into a home run. Each year we push our limits to bring you the best show production. This last year we spared no expense and went all out on the stage with video walls and Co2 cannons. What an epic night to say the least and I feel this image captures the energy of the night. Good times with Great people.

An image from another of our events called Monday Night Fitment. We got a sunset, we got some JDM, we got some Euro and we got some widebody action and we got some turbo's. This maybe the recipe for a best 9 image or it doesn't hurt that your friends cars are all pretty epic. You can see these cars usually posted up at MXPI Tuning.

Our next image is from a feature shoot we did with a good friend and supporter. The transformation of this TL from the beginning of the season to the end is remarkable. Which is why I wanted to shoot this Acura. We shoot this as old man winter started to set his grip in the midwest. On a cold and windy morning we found this underground location in the heart of downtown Elgin. I honestly never knew this was here, but I had driven past the entrance and it sparked my interest. Needless to say, the weather didn't affect us or the image.Fully compatible with the DJI Inspire 2, the Zenmuse X7 is a compact Super 35 camera with an integrated gimbal made for high-end filmmaking.

This next image was captured somewhat hastily. When your buddy has one of the sickest honda builds around and you have not that many pictures of it and then he announces he is going to do a color change. Well, we got to set up a shoot before that happens right? That's what we did here with this lovely del sol that belongs to my friend Shane from Stay ILL. Perched up on a hillside road along RT 31 with elgin as the background at sunset is what makes this such an epic image.

As we near toward the end of this list, the next image is from our season closer event called The Ultimate Fitment Championship or UFC. When all odds are against you and mother nature herself sends a rainstorm your way, I honestly thought this event was doomed. Where there is a will, there's a way. Right as the show was scheduled to begin, the rain cleared and a rainbow appeared right before our eyes. This natural wonder of a rainbow plus all the hard work and to have downtown elgin as the background is what makes this image so powerful to me.

The last image to make the list is from our favorite event called Gridlife. It's not everyday we hear the roar of a Ferrari v12, let alone it's not everyday when someone decides to stuff a v12 Ferrari engine into a GT86. So when I look at this image it reminds me of the exotic sound the Italian V12 makes as it climbs the rpm range and bounces of the rev limiter. Truly a sight to be heard and this image captures that feeling.

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