Best of YouTube Videos 2k17

Let's take a look at some of our favorite video's from this past year. A full year of video's have been narrowed down to these select few. Some video's on the list are one's that I personally like because they made me better, other for the memories and others for the amount of views they have recieved. Either way, these videos are for you to enjoy.

First up is actually the first shoot of 2017, which happens to be our friend Hector and his Lexus IS350. We shoot this in the beginning of Febuary around goose island. It was cold but it was worth it. Be sure to check out his full feature article for more details.

Next up is our spoof on the infamous Toyo Tire still video's. This video was a collaboration with some team members from southern Illinios. Plus, it's not everyday you see a slammed chevy sonic. Also, be sure to check out the full feature of this hot hatch in the feature section.

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Believe it or not, we here at stance down low do not exclusively only cover car shows. We like to have some good ol' fun with the good ol' boys now and again. Did somebody say Mexico...? Here is a Toyota Supra doing a hero run and blowing the doors off a 900hp SRT8 Jeep. 

Now seeing that, let me remind you of the time that same Jeep raced a completely gutted raced out turbo civic at the track. Just to put things in perspective for you. Enjoy this boosted hemi rip down the quarter mile. 

This list wouldn't be complete without our favorite event of the year called Gridlife. I personally love the drifting and it is pretty amazing to witness in person. I won't forget the energy or the pebbles being shot at our skin as the cars zoomed past. Too much fun, dangerously too fun.

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Continuing on the adrenaline train we recall one feature shoot that was packed with excitement the whole time. Two super cars in their own right, a viper gts and a porsche gt3. What could happen? Click the video to find out!

The last video to make this list is our promo video for our UFC event we held to close the season out. A beautiful car, on a beautiful river road, at a beautiful location in the heart of my hometown in downtown Elgin. A lot of work and effort goes into our productions and we hope you guys enjoy the end results. 

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