Best of Monday Night Fitment

It is that time of year where we look back at all the fun times we had. In particular, we look back at our Monday Night Fitment Series. In this article we will look at a few of my favorite rides that showed up and rolled through our Monday night meets.

First, I'd like to recognize my man Dieter and the hoonicorn. What started as something for his son has turned into a great way to bond with his son. Dieter, now on the side, builds one off custom power wheels and can modify any power wheel as well.

Next up is my buddy and friend Hector's IS350. Hector shows up to almost every meet and almost every time, enthusiastically has something new to show me. This time in particular, Hector had just re-did his trunk set up to an energizer battery theme.

I don't know what it is but it's something about a hatchback that I just love. Here is Ben Choe's STI and his Subaru is one of my favorite examples of a WRX STI in the chicagoland. Ben is also the manager over at APM Tuned, so make sure you guys all go check them out.DJI Winter Holiday Sale 2017, save up to 30% Right Now!

Next up is this stunning Rx7. What I distinctly remember is the brap brap brap sound of the rotary engine and well matched exhaust. The coolest part though, is when this guy was leaving he actually asked me first if he could hit the two step because everyone was asking. I am no grinch and frankly wanted to hear that exhaust pop. This Rx7 did not disappoint.

Another car that rolled through that also had a distinct exhaust tone was Armin's c63 AMG. A true brut of a machine that has been upgraded with prestigious goodies from AMS in the form of an ALPHA package. This lion purrs and will roar with the blip of the throttle.

One of my favorite nights was one of the last meets and one of my favorite teams rolled through that night. The four star society graced us with their presence and Brian's Lexus is one of the most pristine examples out there. Greg and his 90's WRX are also a stand out to me but unfortunately we weren't able to grab a clear shot of his ride that night, blame it on the alcohol.

Next up is a build that hits me in a sweet spot. A father and son duo and their old school volvo. One, it is a volvo. Two, because it is an old volvo and three, it is slammed.

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Keeping things classic, this 64' pontiac tempest( I had to ask what kind of car this is) is a pristine example of a classic build. Kept modifications to a minimal which resulted in precise execution, I love how clean and simple this classic muscle car is finished.

Riding the classic wave, we are soon hit with a tsunami. This Mad Max inspired Australian Ford Falcon is a show stopper. Legit, from the land down under and right hand drive, we fell in love with the uniqueness of this build. Plus the owner Torry is a real nice guy.

I don't think I have enough hatchbacks on this list. So I'll shout out this trio of hyundai's. Never have I really been a fan of the brand but these guys have done an exceptional job with their volesters. Dilly Dilly.

My favorite favorite car to show up goes to this 240sx. This nissan belongs to a good friend of mine named Max, so I know first hand how far this car has come to where it is now. For example, I was in the car when Max blew his built SR20 to now, having a 1jz under the hood. The trials and tribulations of life, have only made this car what it has become today.

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There we have it, the best rides of Monday Night Fitment of 2k17. We made friends, we had good times and we had lots of fun. Big thanks to my good friends the Romano's for always helping and big thanks to you, SDL Nation. Go ahead and reminisce like we did and watch our Monday Night Fitment Video.

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