Best of Sunday Morning Fitment

As the year comes to an end, we tend to reminisce and look back at all the good times we had this year. Specifically looking back at our Sunday Morning Fitment Meet series and some of our favorite rides that have stopped by throughout the year.

Considered by many the ultimate driving machine, this F80 M3 is one of my favorites in the chicagoland.

Moving on from the mainland to the island of japan and this legit jdm right hand drive rx7. Makes me think of Initial D for some reason.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

This civic ferio came all the way from Wisconsin that low. I remember distinctly how this thing scraped everywhere. The amount of custom work in regards to cutting and welding is daunting and not recommended to the faint of heart.

We don't limit our meets to just slammed cars. Here is a beautiful example of a resto mod moto build. An old honda cb550 roadster that has been done up the right way.

From one Honda to another. These time attack civic's are quite the corner carving machines. Read more about these two in our latest feature article called "Snowball Fight".DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White - Limited Winter Edition on Sale,Save $50!

I noticed more often than not, nice cars would come together. Like these two subaru's. I'm in love with the NT03's on the hatch though.

To this pair, a very unique miata and an acura CL like none other. These guys rolled in on one Sunday morning and stole the show.

And this pair, an Infiniti sedan and a widened BMW coupe. Late arrivals to one meet but better late than never.

To my favorite pair that would attend Sunday Morning Fitment. A wide body Supra and a lovely 350z.Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

So there we have it. Our favorite rides from our Sunday Morning Fitment Series. Hope you enjoy our meet, events, articles, pictures and this video. Thank you everyone that has come out to Sunday Morning Fitment even and thank you SDL Nation. See you next year!!!

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