Monday Night Fitment

The return of our Monday Night Fitment meet was this past monday at Downers Sand Club. With our successful Sunday Morning Fitment meets, I wanted to continue to offer legit permitted locations, on different days at different times and towns.

What we are doing is taking our Fitment meet and turning it into a series. So that our community has a safe place to gather and where like minded people can converse. If for whatever reason sunday mornings aren't for you... then hit up the monday night meet.

Right now we are working on securing another location later on in the week for another night time meet. Stay tuned for that but for now let's look at how Monday Night Fitment turned out.

This wasn't my first time here at Downers Sand Club but it was my first time hosting a meet here. I only had a week to promote and market this meet because I asked to do this last week and got the official okay that day.

Really I was like " oh shit, what did I just get myself into... I only have a week" but I know if I keep the attitude of " if I build it then they will come" that everything will work out. That night I made a little cover photo and event page and got it out there on the web.

Finally the day of the meet came and I was filled with nervous excitement. Now this whole time I did have some help from a great couple that I consider good friends and good people.

Jason and his wife where there early and helped me set up. Also, Jason came through in the clutch for me in regards to the award I hand out. The awards I use for Sunday morning fitment, I special order and have made so they wouldn't be done in the week time frame we had.

Luckily, Jason hit up Extreme Graphics and they were able to accomodate our upcoming deadline. Extreme graphics actually makes all of my stickers, so I am no stranger to their quality of work.

Quality, which is what I would rather have any day of the week. Quality over quantity is what I've noticed in regards to the attendees of our Fitment meets. So I couldn't wait to see who would show up on Monday Night.

After setting up, we went inside to eat before the meet officially started. I had the special Bang Bang Chicken sandwich which is straight fire. By fire, I mean it was delicious and I washed that down with a beer. Before heading back out to the parking lot, I checked out the indoor sand volleyball courts, bags and pool tables real quick.

Yea, sand volley courts inside. This is why I really like this location, not because the owner jim is cool and he has a pretty cool place. Which is why I encourage people to go in, have a beer, have dinner and hang out while at the meet.

By the time I was done eating, it was right about show time. We went out to my canopy and checked out the lot; only a few early birds showed up. I was nervous that no one was going to show up.

I reminded myself " if I build it they will come" and I figured people were still getting off work. Some probably went home to eat first and grab their cars or whatever. So I kept the faith.

Then in toward the end of the first hour people started roll in waves and soon it turned into a nice party.

When the guys from MXPI Tuning rolled in all together, well they pretty much shut it down. Once they parked, I noticed the whole lot of people migrate toward them.

Rightfully so, because in the midst of the bunch was Madd Maxx and his wild 1jz 240sx. This piece of art on wheels won the nights "Award of Excellence".

Before I knew it the sun had set and it was coming to an end of Monday Night Fitment. But before I had left, I ate another sandwich because I need to get my strength up for what was about to happen.

I jumped in my buddies passenger seat and got some rolling shots of the MXPI guys on their cruise back home.

All in all, Monday Night Fitment was super chill. The food is excellent, the people are great and the cars are amazing. Enjoy our recap video and we will see you at the next one!


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