PGP 2K17

As the first wave of vendors and cars started to make their way into the garage, I'm positive elgin underestimated the mass amount of sheer people that would be migrating to the fulton street parking deck on this day, the first saturday in june.

The whole week I had my eye on the weather and the forecast was predicting thunderstorms for that day. Our stage company L.E.C was very concerned, obviously they didn't want to damage their equipment due to the potential downpour.

Now this day, this moment I prepared for; started many months ago. The planning, the logistics, the meetings with the city began at the start of the year when there was still snow on the ground.

Even with all that planning, of course on the day of the event nothing goes exactly according to plan. The walk through I did with the city the week before, they acted like it was the first time we ever talked about PGP. All these things added up to anxiety and sleepless nights

Having signs and banners arriving last minute meant we were still trying to setup while vendors started to roll in. Plus, staying up late the night before at the shop filling all the goody bags. Also adding to our panic state was the fact that not every volunteer could download the app to check people in.

We were in the weeds for only a second and quickly got back on track. The roll in process went very smooth and all the vendors got their desired spot. While that whole time the stage company was sending the stage up the elevators and assembling it piece by piece.

A hectic morning turned into a calm afternoon. I had staggered the roll in times for everyone else so that our staff was never too overwhelmed. After the vendors, the V.I.P cars arrived followed by the crews and the everyone else.

The transition from cars to General Admission couldn't of went smoother. The security team was on point the whole night and didn't miss a beat. While the team waited for the mass of general admission to arrive, all the competitors checked out the garage then explored downtown elgin.

Our V.I.P section was pretty lit. We had the acura NSX with the LED taillights, Connor's widebody FR-S and an ol' school volvo.

Also in the V.I.P was the marlboro 370z and a swapped e30 along with a boat of a caddy and the craziest mini truck I've ever seen.

Our V.I.P section was super lit, Mike's ol' school toyota with his turbo v8 swap.

One of my favorites in the V.I.P section was this coyote swapped widebody E36. Just outside the V.I.P section we had three members of the royal flush crew.

This crew knows how to execute. Even the smallest of detail aren't left untouched.

I mean just look at this trunk setup.

Let's take a look at more of the show.

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