Sunday Morning Fitment 002

We kicked off the season this past weekend with our Sunday Morning Fitment meet. My good friend and owner of prestige auto spa graciously offers his parking lot to me so I can throw these gatherings. What is most special about my Sunday Morning Fitment meet are the small tokens of my appreciation I hand out personally, in the form of a triangle trophy.

Getting ready for the sunday meets starts earlier in the week for me. I first announced the meet without even having the trophies in hand. I had ordered them before online and thought a week would be plenty of time. Well, needless to say the standard turnaround time was 7 business day and I had to place a rush order on the trophies to make sure they arrived on time.

Going over my inventory, I realized that I needed to get some hats made as well. Already stocked on the caps, I just needed to take them to the embroider to get the SDL touch.

The night before the meet I only had some sweaters to fold, package and label. I took this time to also go over my camera gear. I had gotten a new little backpack along with a gopro earlier in the week. I am particularly excited to start shooting our new vlog series. So I made sure all the batteries were charged and the gear ready to go.

Keeping my eye on the weather and checking the forecast hourly on my phone, I could only cross my fingers in hope that the rain would stay away. Cloudy skies with bits of sunshine is what we ultimately received.

Like how most get excited for a meet, I woke up early with no need for an alarm. I was already amped. I loaded up the truck, fed my son breakfast, and then we hit the road. It never fails to surprise me because I always forget one thing. If it's not a charger or an extra battery or water or whatever, I always forget something. This time I was so focused on the camera stuff that I forgot my wallet.

Sh*t happens and sometimes we just got to go with the flow. The commute is an hour for me so I wasn't about to turn around. Luckily I had the diaper bag packed full of snacks to last us through an apocalypse.

I arrived at the lot and a few people had already beat me there. They were rubbing their cars down making sure not a spec of dirt was left. While that was going on, my little man helped his ol' man unload the truck.

Before we finished setting up the canopy the lot had filled more and more kept rolling in. Before we knew it, the lot was pretty packed and the meet in full swing. People walking and talking brought the meet to life right away.

My buddy Andrew shows up in his new project. Project monster truck. If there is one thing I want to make clear is that anyone and everyone is welcome. Just no Douchebags. What is funny to me is seeing the face Andrew makes as he pulls up when all the lowered cars are staring at him. Priceless...

From america to the land of the rising sun. I recognized this rx7 from the PGP registration, anyway this is a legit import RHD rx7. It garnered a lot of attention this morning.

It wouldn't be a Stance Down Low meet without some boosted honda's. Here we see this ek hatch getting a lot of attention. The little details like how the dump pipe poked out in front of the front rim.

Like bees to honey, a few muscle cars new and classic showed up. The classic camaro looked mint, like it just rolled out the showroom floor.

Here is something that caught my eye. The altima coupe chassis isn't a common platform to modify. When I saw this one I thought to myself. Not bad, not bad.

Speaking of nissan, this infiniti belongs to a dear friend of mine. I was taken back, almost broke down when I saw my buddy. I hadn't seen him since his serious motorbike accident where he almost lost his life. I couldn't express my gratitude enough that he showed up.

A well executed hyundai. I really liked this one.

My son made a new friend and that puts a smile on my face. These two were cruising the lot, with zero f*cks. Juicy in one hand and the steering wheel in the other. I can't express enough that we are a family friendly meet and I encourage you guys to bring your kids.

Thank you everyone that came out, my son and I had a great time and we are looking forward to the next one already. Approaching the award ceremony, my lil guy was in much need of a nap. Without further adu, let's check out the winners.

I had two awards of excellence to give out. I knew where the first one was going but the second award boiled down between these two subaru's. I ultimately gave the award to the blue hatchback, this was a hard decision.

The final award went to this widebody supra. I mean just look at it, its f*cking beautiful. So right now I am working on finishing up the vlog of this day. But I kinda messed up and accidently deleted the video files. I just bought some recovery software and working on getting those files back. Fingers crossed.


Thank you everyone again for coming out. Here is the vlog with what I managed to recover. I learned a lot on this 2nd vlog with my new camera. The waterproof case lowers the audio pick up quality and you can hear the camera move in the case at times.

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