Pop Up 2k17

Like a hungry bear waking up from winter hibernation, the 60 degree weather in February has everyone in Chicago out of their den's and hungry for action. To wrap up the beautiful weekend we held a PoPuP Meet. Our friends' over at Prestige Auto Spa were kind enough to accommodate us with their lot.

Just as I finished setting up the Stance Store, my buddy and his Rx8 pulled up. After a brief friendly exchange, we chilled and began to enjoy the weather.

Our latest full feature, Hector's Bagged IS350 came through to chill for a while. Love how the rear wheels tuck and how the body lines pop when in low ride mode.

Speaking of low riders... I've noticed this one at every meet I've thrown here at Prestige Auto Spa. Much respect and thank you for bring this out.

Fresh out the crayon box, I only kid; here freshly done is team hoon buggy's founder's Infiniti G sedan.

For the rest of the afternoon cars and bikes would come and go. My buddy EP Jimmy came with this duo of rockets. Jimmy was saying how fun the cruise on the highway was on the way here to the meet. His supercharged Jaguar had no trouble keeping up with the bikes.

The rx7 is LS swapped and belongs to my friend and Damn Kids drifter. He as well came with a bike, this bike being a busa.

As the sun kept shining cars and people would continue to come and go.

Now here is something we don't see anymore. A clean vr4.

While the mitsubishi arrived together and parked. A pair of BMW's parked on the opposite side of them.

Big wheels and wide body. Let's look closer at these two.

These look like they are definitely driven

My favorite of the day was this slammed 5 series. Thank you everyone for stopping by, even if it was just for a second. We are going to be doing these sunday meets twice a month once the weather is consistently nice.

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