Crashing A Cruise Night

In the month of May, I tend to see the weekly cruise night schedules pop up for different places hosting car meets. There are a few different places I went to last year in the fuga to check out which left a lasting impression. The ones I went to first this year were the ones I enjoyed the most last year. I just really like these places so I couldn't wait to take the honda out for the first time to enjoy these places as well.

The first stop of the week, I took the honda to IPK. Now on Monday, the weather was a bit chilly. So I threw on an SDL hoodie, checked the oil level and warmed up the honda before hitting the road.

I ended up being the only one there on Monday. No biggie, I went in and got cozy at the bar. The bartender, I recognized from last year and we struck up a conversation quickly. "Hey, where's your car?" asked the bartender. "I brought the racecar out tonight." Come to find out he is a honda guy as well. When it got slow,  he came out and we chatted honda's for a bit. It was unexpected but very nice to find another honda head.

I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and experience on monday night at IPK. Next up, on Tuesday I headed to more of a classic car spot. The Broken Oar is a spot way out in the sticks located right on a river. 

I was recommended to try this spot by a friend last year and fell in love with the atmosphere. Usually there are one or two unique and custom builds in the parking lot and the first cruise night was no exception.

I parked next to a Mclaren which was pretty cool. As I rolled in, all the muscle car guys (which was everybody) were just looking at the honda with a WTF look on their face. This moment was priceless.

I took a quick stroll to check out the cars and then I grabbed my camera to get a few shots. One of the unique builds that stood out was this pinto. This pinto was LS powered and turbo'd. I bet this is one rowdy whip to handle.

One build I've seen before and admire is this big body. I'm not completely sure what it is but I definitely want to take more photos of it. The interior is very cool and I totally didn't get a picture of it but I will go back and I will get a whole interior set of this big beauty. Just look at this big beauty.

A few more clicks of the camera and I headed into the bar to grab some food. The outdoor bar is what I fell in love with last summer. Literally boats can pull right up, the restaurant is right on the river.

After my veggie philly sandwich, the sky turned a bit darker and that was my que to go. I did catch a little drizzle on my way home but nothing heavy.

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