My Lil' Vtec Club

This vtec love story started with my first honda almost fifteen years ago when I got my license. Then came the hot wheels obsession when I became a father. What is the vtec club? Do I have every Honda hot wheel? What is diorama and where did I get this display? Have you lost the kid inside of you? 

What is a diorama one might ask? A diorama is a model representing a scene using three dimensional buildings and or figures. A large scale museum exhibit is also a diorama but most of us are familiar with the more common miniature displays. There are a few places to find these detailed diorama displays. Ebay is definately a good source but this one I got from livecarmodel.com and I waited a month for it to arrive.

The love for the Honda brand started when I saw a civic EK hatchback in a Super Street magazine. I was a freshman in high school when I saw a green EK with a bomex kit and it was love at first sight. From there, I had to have an EK of my very own.

It was in these early years of automotive research where I came across the Vtec Club. The Vtec Club is a special volume in the Best Motoring International video series. These all honda power special edition videos I fell in love with. I gained a wealth of knowledge from these videos which I then applied to my own honda builds. If you haven't seen a Vtec club or best motoring video, I highly recommend you search for it on youtube.

Now do I have every honda hot wheel? No, but I am trying to collect as many honda hot wheels as possible. This new obsession started when I became a father and buying toys for my son. Trips to Walmart and Target soon became dedicated hot wheel hunting trips for me and my son. Once we would get back home we would race the hot wheels to see who is the fastest. Either on our touge course or the drag strip, the competition was always intense and always fun!

Well the kid in me hasn't left because I get excited everytime when I come across hot wheels, especially rare ones and transports. From the time I became a father and then on, my hot wheels obsession snowballed into what we are looking at today. Fully fledged and dedicated displays for my hot wheel collection. I hope the kid in you hasn't died and that you all still have your imagination, eagerness to learn and relentlessly ask questions till you find out the "why". Especially knowing how lost and consumed we can become with our daily lives. Don't stop doing what makes you happy.

Where will this new hobby lead me too? I hope it leads to more hot wheels. What we know is that this has lead to more imagination and creativity, which has brought back the kid in me to whom I almost lost. I'll leave you with the first touge battle my son and I ever recorded. Maybe there will be more hot wheel videos for you guys in the future. 

Here is a tour of our city diorama hot wheels world.

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