Graveyard Shift 2021

Graveyard Shift is our Halloween Trunk N' Treat Car meet. This year we did a free car meet at Carmina's Mexican Restaurant & Banquet in Elgin, IL. A little six degrees of separation for you, an old friend from my younger years ended up marrying one of the owners of Carmina's. Once she saw my post about hosting a trunk n' treat halloween car meet, well the rest is history.

For the first time in years, we actually had nice weather for Halloween in the Chicagoland. Maybe that's the reason everyone and I mean everyone decided to host a meet this weekend! 

We ended up having a decent turn out of cars. Most importantly, I was glad to see that my son wasn't the only kid in attendance. A few kids in costumes arrived then all the kids got a lot of candy and everyone had fun. 

We also had Obsidian Decals as a special guest vendor to join us in our spooky festivities. Make sure you check out their custom decals and hoodies. We also had our friends from Abandon Planet handle the music duties. A mix of house, horror and dubstep was playing all night.

Lastly, special thanks to the Elgin PD for stopping by and checking up on us to make sure everything was kosher. Also, there was quite a wide variety of automobiles that came out, everything from muscle cars to tuners. May I say that everything is welcome to our meets and I can't wait to see what you guys bring out next year!!!

Without further delay, take a look at this little recap video of Graveyard Shift.

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