Memphis Slammed Enuff Trip

We decided it would be in our best interest to take a trip to Tennessee before our Summer Nights Memphis show. Just so happen to be that slammed enuff was hosting an event at the end of August at the venue that we will be taking over on september 25th, the Memphis International Raceway!!! What better way to get to know a facility than to see how it runs and operates during an event. Aside from research, we signed up for the car show with intentions of enjoying the event to the fullest and hopefully make some new friends. Let's get right into our Memphis experience.

We left Chicago around 2am early Friday morning with the GPS saying that a eight and a half hour journey lies ahead. Thankfully the fuga was more prepared for this road trip than I was. New axles, upper control arms, brakes, tires and a fresh oil change was all done to the fuga prior to this trip. Myself on the other hand, I was like a zombie at 2am and it felt like no amount of red bull could keep me awake. As soon as the journey began, only a few hours in we needed to rest. The drive to Memphis, I underestimated and we didn't arrive in Memphis until 3:30pm. 

With my check in time at 4pm and I being quite hungry, I took this opportunity to get some food. On the Summer Nights Memphis event page some people recommended Central BBQ, so that's where we went to eat first in Memphis. We got the pulled pork sandwich because the brisket was sold out. Which was a let down but the customer service and staff will pick you right back up. My first Memphis BBQ experience was delicious and I can't say enough good things about the service. 10 for 10 would highly recommend.

After Central BBQ, I went to check in and get situated. There's a lot of first's on this trip, 1st time to Memphis and 1st time staying at an airbnb. The airbnb experience was new and not bad at all. I totally would do it again. So now it is Friday night in Memphis and I'm trying to find something to do. Me being me, I google "old fashioned near me" and google suggest a spot a few minutes away called the Alchemy Memphis.

So we got ready and headed out for a good drink. We did a lap around the area to find parking but that wasn't long. Once a spot was chosen, I pulled up, air'd out and then hit the underglows on. The spot itself the Alchemy Memphis was a pretty swanky place with a tapas fresh chef made menu and the cocktails were on point. Unfortunately the kitchen was closed by the time i arrived so it would be just cocktails for me. There I was, alone at this bar but only for a few sips before a few groups of people walked in and next thing I know, I am making new friends.

The brothers to my right ended up being car guys and i gave them a stack of flyers, after a cigarette and I showed them my car. The group to my left ended up inviting me to the next bar spot. It was at this point the night got interesting. Young Avenue Deli was the next spot and right across the street from the alchemy. The young ave feature pool tables and a late kitchen which we took advantage of. I ordered some fried shrimp and enjoyed it with my new friends during a game of pool. 

From here they invited me to a hip hop club closer to downtown. I totally went which seemed to be much to their pleasant surprise. I ended up being the only white guy there, besides the bartender. Some might feel out of place or uncomfortable in that type of situation but don't forget I'm Puerto Rican and I got some rhythm. 

Alright, so that was just night one of being in Memphis and what a way to kick things off in a new city. Needless to say I slept well that night and woke up early enough to catch some breakfast at a quaint little spot about two blocks from my airbnb called cafe eclectic. I surprisingly got a table quickly even though there was a 20min wait. I ordered the stuffed french toast and enjoyed it very much. I had to eat quickly so I could make my way over to the raceway. 

Now the raceway was only 15 minutes from my airbnb so I got there in no time. Actually I got there a little earlier than everyone else, so I ended up heading back to town and going to get lunch at Hattie B's. This place was juking but the line moved quickly. I ordered a small dark meat chicken combo with fries, potatoe salad, peach cobbler and a freshly squeezed lemonade. Simply put, lunch was scrumptious. 

A quick stop back at the airbnb to drop the kids off at the pool and for a cat nap. After that it was time to make my way back to the raceway. Now this time, upon my arrival, there were plenty of people and cars lining up to enter the raceway. The roll in process was smooth and went quickly. Before I knew it, I was checked in and on my way over to the car show area.

To be completely honest, it was at this moment the nerves set in as I rolled in and all eyes were on me and I know absolutely no one. Once parked, I air'd out and began to wipe down my wheels and assemble my Stance Down Low flag to fly. I took my time setting up because I was still soaking in my surroundings. Once the car was ready it was time to walk around and get a lay of the land and see if I can make any new friends at the raceway.

Now it's still summertime and this Memphis heat is no joke. I quickly went through my rations of body armor and water from sweating so much in the first hours of being at the raceway. Shade is a luxury and I happened to find some by the spectator bridge. This is where I met some new car friends of memphis.

My new friends offered me a corona and some good company. Once we started chatting and chopping it up, they heard of the concert coming to the raceway and were surprised to find out it was me. Nick and his car club called Krew were some really nice people. A family friendly bunch that was genuinely enjoying their day together at the raceway. I love that sh*t.

Alongside the car show, there was also drag racing and drifting throughout the course of the event. It was just a short walk through the car show to get to the grandstands. The layout of the raceway makes it possible to do both at the same time, which potentially can get pretty rowdy. In the upper seats of grandstands, you get an awesome view of the land. My head was on a swivel between watching the drag racing and drifting. It was like an assault on the senses when cars are launching down the drag strip and driftings banging their rev limiters. It got pretty lit.

All in all, my trip was awesome, the drive long but worth it. The food and people of Memphis were amazing. The slammed enuff car show was hott, fun but I thought there would have been more show cars there because you know... it's slammed enuff. Is that a premonition of what I should expect for our show on september 25th? I like to think Memphis has more cars than that. Show me what you got on September 25th for Summer Nights Memphis!!!


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