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My friends at NVUS invited me to their unofficial season opener of a car gathering. The location was set for the streets of woodfield at 10:00am. I was excited to see my friends and what they have been up to with their vehicles over the winter. NvUS has quite a few nice cars in their line up and I knew a few guys had something up their sleeve.

My morning on the other hand started well before 10:00am. At sunrise I had a feature photoshoot with Sean and his Scion TC. Which we took our time with because he also would attend the NvUS gathering with me. 

After our photoshoot we had some time to kill and decided to go get breakfast. A hobo skillet, berry pancakes and about 3 cups of coffee later; we made our way to the streets of woodfield. 

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We arrived before everyone except for jason. He has a brady bunch of kids so I know he is up early like I was on this day. We all talked until more cars started to arrive.

I've taken notice of the growing NvUs family and today there were some new faces. With the new faces come some new cars. I felt like NvUS has been mostly a honda friendly family but today I saw more Subaru's and Hyundai's than I've ever seen at an NvUS meet before.

What turned out to be great weather on this morning had everyone walking about and cracking jokes with one another. Some would go for starbucks and others would go for jamba juice but everyone would come back to the cars to share stories.

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My good buddy and el presidente of NvUs Ivan had just got some new wheels and I was dying to see them in person. The pictures that were sent through messenger just made me more anxious to see them in person. Boy did they look good!!

I took particular notice of three individuals this morning. The first being an Acura CL. This CL had so many intricate details around every corner. Like the painted rising sun on the gas cap. The piece of resistance though had to be the roof. The roof was painted with so much flake that it just shimmered in the sunlight.

Next was an H22 swapped EG hatch on air. I like this car because the engine bay has been tucked and shaved. It is so clean that I literally envy it and want my bay to look this clean someday.

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Last one that caught my eye was a RHD imported CRX. This CRX belongs to a long time homie of mine. Fitted with a small cage and Volk racing wheels, this CRX is the epitome of a clean jdm build. 

For the most part, this NvUS morning coffee meet was super chill. People took notice of all the nice cars and the NvUs members were flattered by the attention and some were even blushing. Guess this is what comes with the territory.


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