Saturday Morning Motoring

Finally the cold and snow has gone away and it's officially car season here in Chicagoland. With this beautiful weather comes countless car meets and events to attend. I couldn't be more ecstatic about this and decided to fill my schedule up for this first nice weekend. So for Saturday, I planned on attending three meets and this is the first one I went to... Saturday Morning Motoring!!!

Saturday Morning Motoring is hosted by Nuccio's Auto Group located in addison, IL. I'm familiar with the location because I have been here before but also my buddies from Stay ILL work at the body shop down the street and I was there earlier in the week.

Now I had a feeling that it was going to get packed at Nuccio's so I arrived a little early. As I came off the highway and was just a few blocks away, a trio of exotics flew passed me and I knew exactly who they were and where they were headed.

Tello Drone - Feel the fun.

It was a Khur-rum and his black ferrari, Glen and his R8 and Kim with her lotus holding down the rear. I saw them in my rear view mirror and switched lanes so they can blow by me. Each one having a unique tone to the exhaust and each one beautiful in their own respects.

Once I actually arrived, it was already poppin' and cars were parking on angle to make as room as possible. Like how this JDM RHD Evo and Holden are parked in the picture above. This style of parking didn't last long. Soon enough the Addison police made their presence known.

The cops were actually very respectful and simply told the Nuccio guys to straighten out the cars that are parked in the street. Literally within five minutes, all the cars were parked in compliance with the addison police. I credit this to the swift, assertive yet friendly actions of the Nuccio's staff. Then the show picked right back up.

So why did I come to this...? Surely there must of been something else going on.... Well the answer is, Nuccio's Saturday Morning Motoring is going to bring out some fancy cars. Remember I just mentioned a Ferrari and an R8 flying past me, well there were exotics waiting at Nuccio's.

DJI Mavic Air

It's almost like a Drake rap music video, where there are super expensive cars everywhere! One more rare and luxurious than the next. Literally a supercar fan boys wet dream. Everything from brightly colored Mclarens to purple Lamborghini's and everything in between.

It was quite the experience to be around so much car wealth, of course I just kept to myself though. But you can clearly see who has old money and who has new money. Needless to say, everybody had money there but yet everyone was so friendly.

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Here I thought the super rich are jerks or at least that is what media leads us to believe but when cars are the common denominator, I guess that's what it takes to make us all get along.

Get along we all did! One thing I did notice was the thought that went into this saturday morning and how accommodating Nuccio was to everyone. There was a food truck on site serving up chicago favorites like hot dogs and polishes. Which was pretty busy the whole time. 

Another thing that I noticed which I didn't ever before, was the fact that they opened up there doors so we as spectators can go inside the garages for a peak. Inside is where the most valuable and cherished vehicles are stored. Like the Aston Martin race car staged upfront and center, eat your heart out James Bond!

It was prestigious the lineups in the garages but I only stayed in the garage for a brief moment because I wanted to feel the sun. It's been so long I feel like since feeling the warmth of the sun. Upon existing the garage bay, the whole front of the lot is sparkling with super exotic cars.

One car that stood out to me for its uniqueness is this Goyard x Gucci Ferrari 488. Not only because the 488 has the most powerful V8 Ferrari ever produced but for this insane scheme of a wrap.

So wtf is Goyard x Gucci? Goyard is a a French leather goods maker and is older than Louis Vuitton by one year. Well Gucci, we should all know gucci. This 488 in particular belongs to the dream squad. I dig it, a lot!

In essence, the decision to move onto the next meet was quite difficult with so many insanely beautiful expensive vehicles everywhere. But hey, the show must go on!! Thank you Nuccio's Auto Group for a fantastic way to start my saturday morning!

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


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