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As we head into winter and the holiday season, most will come across more nights and weekends where one will choose to stay home under the blankets and binge watch TV. For these occasions, I find myself streaming circuit racing from all around the world and of all different classes of vehicles. Here are a few of my favorites from youtube.



What is the TCR international series? The TCR is a touring car series that highlight C-segment hatchback production based cars. What that means is you will see vehicles like the Civic Type R, Focus ST, and the Volkswagen GTI. To other cars available on the world market like the Megan RS, Opel Astra, Seat Leon. Then they shake things up by throwing in an Audi RS3, A45 AMG, and the WRX STI. All these cars on the track at one time make out for some interesting battles amongst teams and manufactures. Here is the live stream of TCR Round 19 in Dubai.


I particularly enjoy this racing series the Tegiwa Civic Cup. A renowned clubman racing championship in the UK that started in 2011. Essentially the field is divided into two classes. Class A is made up of civic's from the late 80's and 90's like the EF/EG/EK chassis. Class A is restricted to 1600cc power plants and 195bhp.

Class B is made up of newer civic's like the EP3/FN2 Civic Type R's. Class B is restricted to 2000cc engines. Whether powered by the k20a2 or the k20z4 the power is limited to 230bhp and any bolt on modifications are closely regulated. With both classes on the track at the same time, this makes for some interesting battles like VTEC vs iVTEC, EK's vs EG's. All of this turns out to make an entertaining racing series to watch. Check this series out at Silverstone raceway below.



Going from these last few racing series where cars and teams are limited to modifications and restricted on power output. What if there where a series where there were no rules and restrictions are thrown out the window. Imagine a place where there is only one rule, only the fast survive. This is were Global Time Attack fills that void. A series full of ultimate builds that push the limits of physics, where at the end the only things that matter are lap times. Check out this video from the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge in sydney motorsports park back in mid October.

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4) WRC


The World Rally Championship is in it's 44th season of racing but that's not why I watch. Honestly it's the speed these guys achieve on gravel/dirt/snow to even public roads is what's absolutely insane. Which is why there is a co-pilot in place, to help navigate the treacherous courses. Plus this series takes you around the globe. Starting the season in Monte Carlo in January to ending the season in Australia in November. WRC's recent partnership with DJI has elevated the action they are able to capture with the use of their drones. Some of the shots they get make you feel like your right in the action and it gets pretty intense.

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Lastly, we've all seen the viral video of a civic and a Toyota going back and forth on an Australian circuit. That would be the Improved Production Racing Series. What makes this series entertaining for me are the variety of old and new cars on the track. What makes the series unique are the rules. Like the Honda cup, the cars compete in one of four engine displacement classes. 0-1600cc , 1600cc-2000cc, 2000cc-3000cc, 3000cc-6000cc. What you'll expect to see battling are rx7's, r32's, ford falcon, old school datsun's, and of course civic's and integra's. Here is the full race of the battle that went viral between the civic and the Toyota.

These are just a few of our favorites but certainly not the only. BTCC, WTCC, FIA World RallyCross & Pirelli World Challenge are some others that we stream. Of course we could leave without mentioning drifting. I've been keeping my eye on the newly formulated FIA Drift series lately and you should as well.

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