Coffee With NvUs II

Over this past weekend my good friends from NvUs held a team gathering at the streets of woodfield for some coffee and donuts. I was invited to come hang out, it's not so much the cars that bring me but more so the crew of people themselves.

As I rubbed the crust from my eyes when I woke up, I checked my facebook feed and saw that the crew was already posting pics of their cars being washed. I knew it's time to get my butt out of bed but when I saw that donuts where going to be on hand, I made it there extra quick... lol jk

The meet started at 10 o'clock and I arrived just before 11am. My car was dirty so I parked just on the outskirts of everyone and just observed the happenings for a second before making my introductions.

As I grabbed my camera, the leader of NvUs heckled me a little bit for parking away but in all honesty, I didn't want my car to be in the pictures because this morning was all about team NvUs.

So these team gatherings are not only a way for the whole squad to catch up but to also scope out the new recruits. Not everyone can just throw on an NvUs sticker and say they are part of the crew. It is a lot more than that and they have the process down to a "T".

For the next hour we all shared stories and laughs, all the while admiring each others cars and assessing the new recruits of potential NvUs team members. This aspect of their meets I really enjoy because I get to really know the crew. The interactions between members reminds me a bit of a sibling rivalry, as far as teasing and joking with one another like brothers do.

Aside from NvUs, two other crews where there because the guys are all friends. Team Revolution with some Euro flare and Team Sunset with their mini truck inspired scion XB's.

Team sunset was an extra special treat because of a particular Xb. Now it's one thing to see people working on their cars from a distance, like for example facebook live feeds and videos of the progress made on said vehicles. This specific Xb I've kept an eye on.

Some may call him a mad scientist or just out of his mind. I call him Jim and Jim is doing things that go against the grain and is treading a new path in regards to seriously custom low vehicles.

Aside from team sunset and team revolution, team NvUs was looking as good as usual. So lets enjoy some pics of C.J's S2K, Ivans Accord and the rest of Team NvUs.

Before I left and as the meet was coming to an end, I couldn't help but keep noticing a very clean integra with a jdm front end. After talking with the owner, I found out he built it himself with his bro and has a type R clone of an ek with a jdm k20 swap. He had me at "ek". He (aaron) showed me some pics of his civic and I can't wait to see it in person.


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