MXPI Open House 2k17

My friends over at MXPI Tuning held an open house a few weeks back to kick off the summer. With their doors wide open, I stopped by with my son to hang out. Now if you are unfamiliar with MXPI here is a brief overview of what they do.

MXPI is my go to shop when I need anything done that I can't do myself. These guys cater to the performance crowd, stance guys and any one with an automotive obsession. With a plethora of knowledge on toyota's, their main focus and what they continue to exceed is in customer satisfaction.

Quality, consistency, and reliability are the principles of the shop and the cars that come out of this garage reflect these core beliefs. Plus the owner, Mr. Cid is a pretty cool guy.

So as I arrived I could see the smoke from the grill billowing and the street was packed with cars as far as the eye could see. Not really, but there were quite a few cars.

What stood out to me was the quality in attendance. From the bagged and boosted set ups, to the "let's race, I'm ready" set ups, the crowd was diverse to say the least.

While my son and I walked around looking at the cars, I couldn't deny my nose and the smells coming of the grill, so we went and got a burger and a hot dog. There was plenty of food thanks to MXPI.

Overall, it was a chill time and I enjoyed chilling with my friends and sharing this experience with my son. This is something I cherish, time with my son. Also why I love coming to MXPI. Mr. Cid is a family man and his kids are regulars at the shop. I respect the family atmosphere that his shop has.

Now I'm looking forward to their Toyota/Lexus/Scion meet they are having this weekend. Be on the lookout because I most likely will be making a video of this event.


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