One6 Honda Night

On Friday night, the fella's over at One6 motorsports decided to host a Honda Meet. Nothing too crazy, the guys at one6 just wanted to offer a place for vtec fans to come hang out. Honda's in Chicago are like palm trees in Florida, there's a lot of them.

One6 Motorsports happens to be pretty much the main shop for Honda heads. So I was excited to see this pop up in my news feed. What sets One6 apart in my opinion from the rest is, they actually know about the products they sell. More often than not, these products are on their very own cars and being subjected to rigors of racing.

Being around since the 90's racing Honda's speaks volumes for the shop. All the trials and tribulations often lead to a break through. Like what one6 did to a RBC manifold, they put dual B-series throttle bodies on a K-series.

Whatever works and this combo worked like a charm. Boasting 10 sec passes on their all motor street car is pretty wicked. So with their history and racing pedigree, I made sure to clear my schedule to check these guys out.

Rolling up on the street, I could see that a few cars have already arrived. This little meet soon grew into a couple blocks. Which allowed me to get my steps in for the day.

A ton of rice for the most part scattered on the outskirts but once getting passed that first layer a few honda's stood out. Team NvUs had a few in attendance, Mikey from profuction I saw chillin too.

Good shop, Good people and some nice cars made for an enjoyable friday evening. I also had with me my new camera toy. A DJI osmo mobile which I adapted my go pro for use. This is how I was able to achieve these steady shots. Here is the video of One6 Motorsports Honda Night. Thank you guys very much, especially the one guy who we can see showing a lot of love to the camera. Both in the pics and in the video, you sir are the real MVP.


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