JDMC Season Opener

April showers bring may car shows and this past weekend JDM Chicago held there season opener. JDM Chicago's events rank high on the totem pole of highly talked about and anticipated event amongst chicago's car culture. So when they announced this new location the buzz grew more.

In the heart of the city; with one access road in and out, behind a patch of warehouses laid this concrete jungle. The access road opened up into a huge parking lot which accommodated food trucks, vendors and quite a few nice cars.

I almost didn't make it in all honesty. I didn't get back from the night before trip to Mexico till 4am. My bed and I were catching up on some quality time. Then my buddy, who I was with the night before called and said let's go.

I figured since it didn't end till 5pm, we could at least catch the last hour or so. I got myself ready and jumped on the highway to make my hour drive to the city. Of course, like asking if a bear shit's in the woods, I was submerged into stop and go traffic.

Eventually making my way to my buddy Victor and his SRT8 Jeep. (Subscribe to our Youtube Page to see the races from the night before) A quick switching of parking spaces and we made our way to the JDMC meet. On the way my friend was reminiscing because he grew up playing in that area and on that baseball field.

Me, I was still tired from the night before. I finally came all the way to, when we pulled in down the narrow entrance road. Then like a hiker trekking through thick brush that finally opens into a valley, it was kinda like that... majestic.

What really made me glad I came was the look on the people's faces when my buddy's jeep pulled in. It sounds like a tank and everyone had this " wtf " look on their faces. Pretty funny and lol now that I am thinking about it.

Anyway, lets look at some more of these cars that were at the JDM Chicago Season Opener.

Brian's SC looking very nice in the sun.

Just wouldn't be a chicago meet if some ol' school didn't show up.

I saw my buddy Justin's widebody EVO from MXPI Tuning chilling with Nick's red EVO and went over to say what's up. After talking to Justin, I saw a couple more buddies off in the cut and I made my way over there.

Carlos' rx7 soaking up some rays and an unknown supra sun bathing together.

Ricardo's V-dub looking like purple haze in the sun. Notice the 300zx, hang tight because we will get to that one very soon.

My absolute favorite of the day goes to this BMW. The german machine grabbed my attention and really stood out.

Loved this Honda Civic Si not just for the obvious race theme and visible aftermarket lower control arms but more for the fact he and his daughter were taking pictures of the car together. That was cool to see.


Like I had mentioned earlier about the scenery... this location was very photogenic. I decided to put the spotlight on my buddy's newly acquired 300zx and take a few pics.

Rocking 3pcs WCI wheels.

Epitome of 90's sports car era.... turbo's & targa tops.

All in all, I'm glad I got my ass out of bed to get these shots to share with all of you. Kudos to JDMC for the well run and handled meet. Also, kudos on the sick location.

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