Cruise to Wekfest

On the last day in the month of April the most highly anticipated prestigious car show tour made a stop in the windy city. WekFest would be taking over McCormick Place with their top notch show.

I decided to set up a cruise since I was unable to be a vendor due to prior obligations. So I at least wanted to check out the show and come spectate. Plus, since it was on a Sunday and I throw those Sunday Morning Fitment Meets, it kinda worked out.

Waking up at 9:00am wouldn't be so bad if I didn't go to bed at 5:00am. Bachelor parties can be a little wild. A quick shower to freshen up and I was on the road. Still feeling the effects from the previous nights activities, I definitely needed something in my system.

Conveniently I set the meet to be at starbucks in the street of woodfield. Once I got there just after 10:00am the weather hadn't let up and was raining with no end in sight.

A few cars were there but obviously no one was getting out of their cars. To say the least, it was a new experience being part of a car meet where no one gets out of their cars. But people kept showing up.

Sooner than I realized it was noon and it was time for the regulators to mount up and ride out. Now I had my buddy drive my car since I would be taking pics and video of our cruise, and my buddy isn't to experienced with driving stick but I trust him.

It was a little rough but my buddy managed and allowed me to get the shots of the convoy cruising. I had made sure to make an announcement saying that we are having a nice gentlemanly cruise and that this is not a race.

Which for the most part we were all well behaved. Then we hit traffic, my buddy stalled it twice and we switched positions. I got behind the wheel at the bottleneck on i90 by lawrence.

Soon after that the traffic opened up and we had a nice pace going with our convoy. Then a mustang rolled on us and decided to pick on the charger cruising with in the convoy.

I'm kinda upset that I didn't get it on camera but more happy my people made it out unscaved. Needless to say, the mustang lost control, went across all three lanes of the highway. Narrowly missing the charger and a mercedes, the mustang  ultimately smashed his back end into a taxi.

The taxi was just minding his own business until that mustang came into his life. Then the taxi spun out on the highway as well. This all happened right in front of me and my buddy. My buddy turns to look at me and says " Man... I am so glad you are driving"

Shit was wild and no one in our convoy got hurt and I think the mustang just took off after that. Looking in my mirror it seemed like the mustang got off on the next exit and dipped on the taxi. I think the guy in the mustang shit his pants.

We managed to get to McCormick's with no other incidents besides maybe a burnout in a tunnel or two. But we were all pretty stoked when we arrived to the show.

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