Coffee with NvUs

There was a small season kick off meet hosted by team NvUs this past weekend. I was invited and here is my experience with my friends from team NvUs.

It's about a 30-35 minute drive for me to the streets of woodfield and the meet was from 9am-11am. The exact location being starbucks, I arrived at 8:40am and pretty much pulled in at the same time as Jesus, the NvUs recruiter.

Like bees to honey, soon thereafter more of the NvUs crew rolled in. These meets of theirs serve a dual purpose. It's not only a way for members to rekindle their bromance with the cars and eachother but also to feel out new recruits.

Just as I was saying "what's up" to jesus, a potential recruit was the next to roll in. A scion frs with some very tasteful and precise modifications done. Going with the heritage line of the Frs, the owner went for an original JDM GT86 circuit look.

What I first noticed and fell immediately in love with was the wheel, tire and brake combo. The very light Volk Racing wheels reduce a gracious amount of unsprung weight, while the thick sticky hankook tires keep the car grounded. Peeking from behind the wheels is an upgraded wilwood brake package which completes the wheel combo quit nicely.

Although this is a private invite NvUs gathering, it's not uncommon to see friends and other group leaders. Like Hector's, the leader of Lexus IS Chicago and his is350. Or just friends like the homie in the TL.

We pretty much chilled and admired one another's car for the first hour. Everyone was drawn to this civic and deservedly so. This civic has been executed like a flawless victory in mortal kombat.

Then all at once we headed into starbucks for a cup of joe. Now realized that it is 10 o'clock a.m in the streets of woodfield at starbucks, we walked right into the morning rush.

I felt for the employees when I saw their faces as we walked in. Already a line of 7-10 people, here walks in 20 more. The starbucks crew flew through the line with ease and handled the rush like a well trained team.

I grabbed my venti chai tea latte and headed back to the parking lot. Which turned out to be enough time for the sun to start peeking through the clouds. Also, a few more cars had shown up as well. Like this wrx on some concave Volk Racing wheels.

I particularly like the subtle aero pieces that complete the car's look. From the splitter to the side skirt and finally rounding out the rear with an Aeroflow rear diffuser.

One car that is uncommon for most in the states to modify is the mirage. I see this one now and then cruising the streets in my home town sometimes. I like that this is a unique car which is why I took a picture.

For the most part, everyone just chilled and conversed by these two civics. I also took my first shot at doing a vlog style video. The content you're about to see is the raw and unscripted footage of my experience that morning with NvUs.

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