The Odd Couple

In this day and age it seems like everybody's working for the weekend. Not everyone gets weekends off though and not everyone wants to go out to drink and party. So when my buddy Isaac, the leader of the midwest volvo's, gave me a call to hang out on his day off. Well, of course I obliged.

I met Isaac in downtown elgin and decided to explore the area before lunch. Our first location was at the city's newly finished riverwalk area. The nice walking path and avenue to drive make for a scenic landscape along the river.

Usually there are people fishing along the banks of the river and walking through the paths. On this particular day, the sky was gloomy and it had rained early in the morning. So it was as boisterous as it would be on a sunny day.

So when we actually got out of our cars, we were met with clouds of mosquitoes. With the mosquito's was a group of people fishing. Or they could of been drinking like fish. Either or we had an audience.

After giving our spare change to one of the drunken fisherman, we hopped in our whips to explore more of downtown elgin.

Making our way through the downtown grid of streets, we stopped at the old gasthaus. The aged structure offered us a playful background.

The employees at the chase bank across the street got some free entertainment that afternoon. For just a couple of guys with a passion for cars and photography doing our thing.

Luckily for us there wasn't much traffic. So standing in the middle of the street taking shots, we didn't feel like we were in any danger.

While taking shots by the gasthaus, I noticed a dark corner in a little parking lot nearby. A location change was our next move.

Sometimes less is more and this back alley was picture perfect. My daily never looked so good, lol.

My buddy isaac couldn't be happier with how his volvo turned out. After all his hard work he put in over the winter, it's time to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

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