World of Wheels 2k17

From upstairs at Tuner Galleria we head down stairs to The World of Wheels. The world of wheels is a metropolis of the automotive industry. You'll see attractions like celebrity appearances along with the top builds from throughout the country.

What I notice the most amongst the mass of vehicles that filled the convention center was how these "ol school" cats would display their vehicles.

With car show season coming up, I hope all of you reading this are taking notes. It's one thing to just pull up to a show, park on an angle, air out and walk away. Then there's going the extra mile to showcase one's pride and joy.

For example, like how placing mirrors on the ground to show the undercarriage can be adopted to show off suspension components. Also, placing a grass carpet down or other type of rug then parking one's vehicle on that.

What seemed like the bare minimal; at the very least every car had a little poster highlighting the build. Kicking it up a notch, a few displays had visual presentations to showcase their car's transformation journey.

It's doing the little things that count and what really makes a car stand out. Now with car show season on the verge of inception, I can only hope these younger " import guys"  go the extra mile this season when it comes to displaying their pride and joy. Showing off your car needs to be more than pulling up, parking on an angle, airing out and walking away.

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