Kris' C30

Kris jumped in his C30 and we headed to the back of Viga's shop. As I mentioned, Viga said there were some Volvo trucks back there and the being with volvo guys, it only made sense to take a couple shots.

Sure enough as we turned the corner, boom a fleet of semi trucks. There were two volvo semi trucks which happened to be parked side by side and just so happened to be the color red too. There's Alan trying out his new glass. Alan had told me he just bought some new lenses for his Canon and was eager to test them out.

I am a lover of wagons and all things hatchback. The practicality and sportiness for a daily driver is what sets a hot hatch apart from the rest. Kris is no stranger to danger as he frequently takes his C30 on trips to the tail of the dragon for some spirited driving through the mountains.

With the intentions of driving the car on the track, Kris has made the necessary upgrades to ensure proper braking and handling. The suspension is taken care of by Koni. Rocking a set of RAYS Gram Lights help reduce the unsprung rotating weight compared to a stock set of wheels.

Sitting behind the RAYS Gram Lights is a big brake kit from Elevate. It is one thing to go fast but without proper brakes, might as well be up the creek without a paddle. Under the hood lies most of the parts available from the Elevate's catalog.      

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