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Tuner Galleria makes its way back to chicago for the 8th year in a row and we couldn't wait for this day to come. Tuner Galleria has been crowned the unofficial start to the chicago car season. Everyone uses the date as a deadline to finish and debut their winter projects. Being the massive show that it is, the "Roll in" or the process of setting up is done the day before the event, so that's where our experience starts.

I meet my buddy Alan who is one of the leaders for the midwest volvo crew around noon to tag along with him. The agenda was to head over to Viga's and round up the fleet then convoy over to the convention center.

Viga is the man behind Viga-Design and he is known for his marvelous BMW's and stunning wrap designs. Like this e30 paying homage to its racing history by  rocking a retro marlboro livery. I feel in love at first sight.

We made our way inside and this was my first time to Viga's shop, so I was excited to see what was in store. Now just like a bunch of school girls, we all busted out our phones and began to flood our snapchat and instagram feeds with selfies of  the cars.

One of Viga's shop cars that will be in the convoy to tuner galleria is this BMW. Unlike the rest of the cars at the shop, this one was ready to hit the road. As we walked in, Viga's crew was finishing up a custom wrap that was debuting at tuner galleria as well.

Which was this EVO, the funny thing is I know the owner of this car and honestly I didn't even recognize it. So when the owner of this car showed up to Viga's, I was like..." WTF you doing here man." Honestly I didn't put two and two together

The owner of the Evo proceeded to tell me how he wanted to change it up and do something different. He was most excited for the reactions it was about to get at tuner galleria.

Alan wanted to give his wagon a little rub down before hitting the road. After a quick wipe, Alan, Kris and myself went back outside to take pictures of Kris' car. Viga had informed us that there were some Volvo semi trucks in the back, which served as the background to Kris' C30. This helped time go by as the guys hurried to finish up the last details and load the cars onto the trailers.

The winglet on the evo had to be reinstalled and I still couldn't wrap my head around it. This was the same car I've seen before. Total new look for 2k17.

And the batteries on the BMW's had to be charged before being loaded onto the trailer. This is when we headed out back.

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