Chicago Auto Show 2k17 - Concepts

From race cars to the batmobile. The Auto Show offers something for all ages. The Chevy lego Batmobile was probably the most unique build of the show. Using more than 350,000 lego pieces, every toy store was sold out of legos in the chicagoland (Just kidding).

While over at Nissan, not only did they have their heads in the stars but their cars as well. With the recent Rogue One Star Wars movie, the Nissan Rogue was transformed to look like a rebel starfighter.

Then Kia went off the map with this Sorento. Rocking a tank track set up instead of conventional tires. Something like this would be perfect for a snowboard trip in the mountains.

Hyundai came out with something that has a BisiMoto touch. We've seen what Bisi did to a honda Odyssey, this time he works his magic on the Santa Fe.

After walking for what felt like miles, I took a break. To my amazement, a race simulator had a short line. Compared to the lines over by the Jeep ride alongs, I didn't mind the wait.

Campagna Motors took the 3 wheeler world by storm with the T-rex. Now a world leader in the 3 wheel Vehicles, the V13R caught my eye with its uniquely aggressive stance.

Another head turner was this miata concept. Sporting a windshield less look, hope it has storage for my helmet.

One of my favorite displays was over at the Auto Art booth. Not only did the murdered out BMW and wide body Porsche take my breath away but also the ladies that were working the booth.  

So from my favorite booth to my favorite cars. Let's look at some more production vehicles from the auto show.


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