DTR's Ice Cream & Octane

There are many outlets available for a person to choose how to relax. Some go to the spa, some go shopping and others like to get away, a vacation if you will. While the petrol heads of chicago version of a vacation is a trip to Mexico. Instead of a plane, my chariot would be my buddy's 850 hp Jeep SRT8.

Almost like a real vacation, we were late to check in. While all of our friends with their viper's, corvettes and mustangs were waiting for us. They did not hesitate to start their engines once we made it through security ( which was the traffic on the way over to the meet up location) and roll out to the bigger meet.

The destination was to DTR's Ice Cream & Octane meet. The convoy of cars we had took up the highway. Occasionally traffic was coerced to a 40 roll from time to time. For the most part the cruise was well mannered and no turbulence.

Once we landed at our destination, we were greeted with more high horsepower cars and a parking lot full of enthusiast and thrill seekers. So let's take a quick walk around to see who is here before going in to try La Michoacana.

A beautifully executed supra staying clean and simple.

Never underestimate the wizardry of boost.

Super nice night for couple of super cars to come out.

The R8 and the lambo rolled in together.

The supercar killer... Godzilla

Oreo's G8 sitting pretty 

The beast of a machine I was lucky enough to ride with. Click the pic to see the Full Feature of this Jeep SRT8

While the convoy I came with exchanged pleasantries with each other. They were also discussing the plans for our night in Mexico. I on the other hand, was enjoying some ice cream.

After a brief deliberation that went smoother than any spring breakers trying to pick which club to get smashed in. Being that most of these engines are lushes themselves. A watering hole just far enough away was chosen so the guys could have a little fun.

A bunch of thirsty bitches these V8's are. Not to mention all the E85 being consumed like a sorority girl doing body shots. Shot, shot, shot, shot, shot, shots.

The turn up was real at the gas station. So we quickly made a getaway once the attendant made a scene and threatened to call the cops.

Then back to the highway for a full night in Mexico. The night overall was an adrenaline rush and I managed to get some footage. Check out the action below. We have the 850hp Jeep SRT8 vs a highly boosted EVO. These two ran twice. The first run the jeep walked the evo, the evo saying he was in the wrong gear. The second race you'll see below is a much closer battle. Share if you enjoyed the action.

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