Speed INC Open House

The last stop on my Saturday three meet tour happened to be at Speed Inc's Open house. Now I had already been to two meet prior in the day and was starting to get an appetite. As I mentioned in the last story about the Subaru Big Meet, the line for the food truck was too long and I needed to get going toward Speed Inc.

I was tempted to stop and go through a drive thru but with Speed Inc being only a short ten minute drive away, I sucked it up and went straight to Speed Inc. I'm glad I didn't stop for some crappy fast food while on the way because there was something much more enjoyable waiting.

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Upon arrival, I was finding a parking spot, when as soon as I turned onto the street; pillows of smoke from a grill acted like a signal beacon and I knew I had arrived. Curious at first to see what was going on with the grill, my hunger and sense of smell lead me to spread of food. 

Much to my suprise, Speed Inc had catered their open house event. This may be a first for me. I've been to plenty Open Houses and usually someone is on a grill cooking up food for the mass amount of people. But I have never seen a full blown catering spread for an Open House. Talk about raising the bar, I seriously was impressed. 

Starting with fruit salad, I made my way over to the potato salad and loaded some onto my plate. Next a couple of bratwurst and sauerkraut with a splash of mustard found a home on my plate. Finished off with a bag of chips and my personal favorite.... Cookies!! The chocolate chip cookies didn't stand a chance and I enjoyed a few.

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Now that my belly has been refueled, let us take a look inside Speed Inc. Speed Inc started in 1999 with a passion for drag racing and classic muscle cars. The owner Tom started like just you and I, a regular car enthusiast with a dream of having his own shop.

Once Speed Inc opened their doors they quickly rose to the ranks of a top modern muscle shop in Chicago. Being great at what they do, offering parts, labor and tuning solutions for customers; their demand quickly grew nationwide. Which is what excellent customer service will get you.

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With that being said, I knew to expect an outlandish number of corvettes, camaro's and any and everything with an LS motor in it. Which is refreshing to see and be around some modern muscle. A healthy number of pontiacs and cadillacs were in attendance but on the opposite end of the muscle car spectrum; quite a few mustangs were also stopping by the open house.

From the time I arrived to the time I ate my last cookie, the Speed Inc mission statement couldn't of been more apparent to me.... One goal of offering the best customer service experience that they can to meet and exceed your needs. Well done Speed Inc because you met and exceeded my expectations of an Open House. Thank you again for lunch, the potato salad was great!!!

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Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

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Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

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