The Subaru Big Meet 2018

The Subaru Big Meet was my second stop of the day. I have been to this meet a few times and the parking lots they use are jam packed full and organized. So I knew going into the meet location, it wouldn't be any different.

This year, the Subaru Big Meet was held in a huge lot by the Dave and Busters' in Addison. In which they successfully filled to the brim yet again.

Leaving Saturday Morning Motoring at Nuccio's Auto Group, it was only a short eleven minute drive to the Dave and Busters'. Just like in year's past, the roll in is very organized. If you have a Subaru go one way to the big lot and non Subaru's head over to a smaller lot.

Once a Subaru gets to the big lot, they do the best they can to organize the make by model and year. Of course, some people want to park together as a crew with friends but for the most part... WRX's were with other WRX's and Forresters' together and Legacy's and Outbacks together and so on and so on...

I arrived and parked in the infancy of the show. As I embarked on my first walk through, for the most part, people were still wiping down their cars, engine bays and wheels. So I thought that would be cool to get some candid type of images.

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Which then lead to me trying a different approach to shooting the show. I wanted to capture people actually looking at and enjoying the cars and the beautiful weather.

It was almost overwhelming how many subaru's came out this year. As quickly as I could snap a shoot, the parking lot was filling up just as fast. To the point were if you didn't snag a spot then you are walking across a lot to get to the show.

Walking wasn't a big deal because every where my head turned, there was a subaru. I was surrounded by Subaru's. By the time I completed my first lap, the parking lot was at three quarters the way full and within the next twenty minutes it was at max capacity.

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I made my way toward the front of the show to capture some of the stand out vehicles. Widebody BRZ's, WRX sedans and WRX hatchbacks all were rocking a wide low stance. Let's take brief intermission to enjoy some of these images we just mentioned.

After all the walking that had just taken place, people started to head for the food truck that was on site. The line stretched and grew like Pinocchio's nose when he tells a lie. I too was getting hungry but I had one more place to go and was not about to wait in that line.

Ultimately it was time to move on to the next spot. So I packed up and headed out. As I left the meet and looked back in my rear view mirror, The horizon of Subaru's got smaller and smaller. Thank you guys for an awesome subaru experience!


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