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A tell tale sign that car season has officially kicked off is when the morning cars & coffee type meets are underway. Having to hibernate through the winter, petrol heads from across the chicagoland search for these type of meets like a bear hunting for food in spring. The juiciest catch has grown to be the Cars and Coffee in Lincolnshire at Liquid Fusion.

I've been here a few times and I have really enjoyed the place. The inside is adorned with automotive art on the walls and overall a very chill vibe to the place. Not to mention fantastic drinks, so with my cup of joe in hand let's explore the parking lot and see who else has joined us this morning.

One thing we noticed right away was the diversity amongst the vehicles in attendance. From tuners to exotics and even a few sport bikes showed up. I even  noticed a few cars I haven't come across before. 

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I have always been a fan of bikes just never trusted myself on one. I'd like to see more bikes at car meets, only if the parking lot doesn't turn to a stunt show. But maybe we are seeing the beginning of a bridge that can close the gap between cars and bikes...?

Like this mustang. Even though mustangs have the reputation of being crowd killers, this mustang was killing the morning and getting a lot of attention. I like the color and overall execution. 

Also, this forrester caught my eye. I'm a big fan of hatchbacks/ wagons because of their utility but I'm a fan of this subaru just because of the looks. Slammed and fitted with chrome wheels is the perfect recipe for breaking necks while cruising down the street.

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

A mint pair of BMW M3's were in attendance. The heritage alone associated with these vehicles is enough to cream your pants over. When big wheels and a lowered look is achieved, a change of drawers is usually needed.

But this Audi had all the euro heads swarming around it. The majestic wrap sparkled like a rainbow in the sun. Looking at the wheels, a very unique set of Radius wheels fill the wheel wells.

What stole the show this morning was Chris Hill's GTR. The wide body, the wrap, the wheels, the engine work all add up to a build that is truly something special. 

To wrap up this cars and coffee experience, I will finish by saying; Liquid Fusion is a cool place to get a great cup of morning goodness and a very friendly environment. Plus, it doesn't hurt to see some very cool cars as you sip on your cup of joe.

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