So ILL Sundays @ H.O.M.E Bar

So ILL sundays at H.O.M.E Bar is a weekly meet that started toward the end of june when the So ILL boys secured this location. This set is from the original OG first meet. H.O.M.E Bar is the house of music and entertainment. It provides you with phenomenal drinks and fresh of the grill food. Along with a music concert hall that So ILL is taking over Dec. 16th for Trap The Halls, it is a great place to have a great time.

June was a crazy month, we started off with infamous Parking Garage Party which myself and So ILL put on together, followed by Gridlife and then back to Illinois for this meet. Three weekends back to back of probably some of the best experiences of the year.

Myself along with RDecals and So ILL took over the patio area of H.O.M.E Bar. They had a grill fired up banging burgers out like flames popping out the exhaust when you hit that two step. The sunshine, food and cold beer made for an exceptional sunday afternoon.

After the hectic start to the month, this chill sunday was needed. Since this experience we have grown closer, So ILL and I. We have helped each other in many ways. The planning for PGP2017 is already underway so keep an eye out for updates on that. Well I've said to much already. Enjoy this set from So ILL Sundays @ H.O.M.E. Bar.

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