Slammed in the City

The bond between man and machine couldn't be more prevalent than the relationship a man has with his car. The relationship is a heart warming relationship, like the best hollywood love stories. The activities we do with our cars on a daily basis is the foundation of this relationship.

Never the one to start a fight, talk back or be difficult. The bond that is created between man and his machine is unconditional. Making sure all the maintenance is taken care of like, a baby going to the doctor for check ups. If you take care of it and nurture it, it will return the favor. When you are having a bad day, your car doesn't care. Your car will start right up.

Your car won't judge you. A lot of the time when I am stuck with the thoughts in my mind, a drive is what's needed to clear my head. Sometimes a longer drive is needed and in these instances, a cruise to the city is the remedy. Why spend a fortune on a shrink when a friend and $20 in gas will do the trick.

On this night of city exploration we drove through the party bar scene by kinzie and hubbard. This was jump street, from the scantily dressed women to the "battle of the ego's" happening with each bouncer and douchebag at every bar door. Entertaining at the very least.

Randomly we stumbled upon a spot with an amazing view of the city from the heart of the city. We spent some time here taking pics and just enjoying the skyline.

All be it, just a machine to most. A car can help a person through the tough times and make the enjoyable moments more memorable. The relationship created is only understood by others with the same mind.

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