Pop Up Meet

Our Pop Up Meet was an unofficial season closer gathering at Prestige Auto Spa. As we all sit together for the upcoming holidays with our loved ones and family, this reminds me of the things I am thankful for. I am thankful for you, the one reading this now and know that holding these little meets is just my small way of saying thank you to all who have supported SDL over the years.

The morning of the meet I couldn't of been more elated, the weather was nearly perfect and I was bringing my son and his lambo to the meet. Running the booth with "papi" got old quick for my son on this occasion, he just wanted to play in the leaves and wasn't "having it" this morning. I gave the photo duties to my good friend Dave and booth duty to our brand ambassador Miss Maroon Model so I can play in the leaves too.

The first on the scene was an imaculate DC2 integra from elgin that belongs to my boy Cisco. Purely the definition of clean and simple. The Buddy club wheels compliment the integra nicely as well. Then a lowrider convertible came hopping in. Followed by the Lexus Chicago Crew. The Lexus crew did not disapoint and they came in numbers.

 _Team Lexus Mini Feature_

A little bit of everything showed up, I again noticed the quality over the quantity trend at our little gatherings. I appreciate it. Seeing crews roll in together like the Hyundai's that came through and the trio that consisted of the widebody 350z, hyundai, and supra; I tip my hat to you guys. Also, to the classic cars that showed up like the all original dodge and prestine E30.

I can't forget my friend Alan from wisconsin who stopped by with his unicorn of a volvo on his way to McCormicks place for a work trade show thing, much love for stopping by brother. Also Ducky and his lotus for coming after church. All in all, there were stunning and beautiful cars and thank you again for bringing your pride and joys out.

The highlight of the day for me was when Team Hoon Buggy showed up and my son's eyes lit up because he hasnt seen to many other power wheels. Of course the kids had to check out each others whips before cruising the lot. We are a family friendly gathering and it was cool seeing the kids have so much fun while the adults got a good laugh from them as well.

Thank you all once again for making 2016 such a memorable season. There are a lot of pics in this set, please enjoy and share. Don't forget to Eat, Drink and Be Merry! Cheers!




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