Sunday Morning Fitment

The 2016 season is coming closer to its end, with that in mind I wanted to take advantage of these last few warm days and set up a free meet. Sunday Morning Fitment is just a token of my appreciation for making 2016 the most memorable thus far, I also would be giving out 3 awards to the top cars that would come.

This past weekend, we held Sunday Morning Fitment at Prestige Auto Spa in mundelein. Despite having a thunderstorm watch the day before and rain all throughout saturday night. When the sun rose on this morning the streets were still wet and the morning was moist in general. 

Even though the overcast was disappointing and gave me doubts if anyone would even show, sure enough at 9am a few cars started to arrive. The midwest volvo crew came in numbers. Followed by, a slammed 4door e36, a beautiful lexus IS2 or 350 then the NvUs crew rolled in after changing a tire for a crew member who had a mishap on the expressway. 

The vibes where very chill and there was more quality than quantity, both in terms of the people and the cars that attended. With that said, thank you every one for coming out and I might just do one more Sunday Morning Fitment before we get ready for winter. Who will win an award at the next Sunday Morning Fitment.

Congrats to the winners, for you embody the message I like to convey. If you believe in yourself and have a dream, do it. These guys had a vision on how they wanted their cars to look so they set out and accomplished their goals. Congrats again to the winners, you are worth it.

Big thanks and shout out to Isaac, the leader of the midwest volvo crew for these pictures. Stay tuned for some bonus footage on their cruise after sunday morning fitment to the silo's.

Thank you everyone very much for coming out and I look forward to more Sunday Morning Fitment Meets with you.

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