SuperCar Saturdays 2016

Remember as a kid having a poster of your favorite car on the wall above your bed. Crazy designs, exotic colors and a price tag only winning the lotto would reach. Well supercar saturdays takes the poster off the wall and puts the daydreams to reality.

The last super car saturday of the year was this past weekend in bolingbrook. The prominade shuts down normal traffic and allows only super cars to park within the shopping combine. It produces quit a turn out and offers a little more eye candy for all the window shoppers. 

I was able to bring my son to share this experience with him, this was his first supercar saturday. Despite the heat and all the walking I do and networking, my little guy didn't skip a beat. Seeing his reaction to the hot wheels cars he has, to the real life vehicles makes my heart melt. 

"Papi Lamborghini" I heard a lot; there were no shortage of huracans, murcielago's, gallardo's and even aventadors. Porsche has a pedigree that translate to comfortable race cars to drive. So when I saw a peice of porsche racing history in the form of slant nose 911,  my jaw dropped and I had to pick it up off the ground. Even the million dollar 918 hyper car was in attendance.

Of course the list of supercars doesn't stop there. These beauties bring out the SUPERCAR KILLERS, mainly the supra or anything ls1 powered. Although Ferrari, Mclaren, Audi, and BMW have its own following of loyal customers, money can't buy you wins. Money can buy you an Alpha package though, which is kinda the samething. Lets look at the what the loyal Supercar lovers saw first hand. 

Big thanks to Alex Green for taking pictures, here is his pride and joy RX8.

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