AMS Open House 2016


AMS is a top tier shop with its main focus on forced induction. Making a name for themselves 20 something years ago with DSM'S. From rags to riches, they now handle a more elevated automotive client base. 

Breaking the bar in the DSM realm naturally lead into the progression on forward to higher end vehicles. Making already fast cars faster has become their specialty. From the birth of the alpha package, manufacturers premier flagship vehicles such as the porsche 911, nissan GT-R, lamborghini's, anything AMG or audi RS can sport one of these alpha packages. 

With the current surge of fun to drive affordable performance minded vehicles coming to the market now. I notice AMS almost going back to their roots as they are now developing parts for the new Ford Focus RS and the Golf R. 

Just as the rivalary and competition heat up in the mainstream the truth remains that all the cars previously mentioned, battle daily on the streets for ultimate bragging rights. So when AMS has their open house, believe the cream of the crop will show. 

The shop itself is second in cleanliness only to a surgeons table. A stocked warehouse full of parts. A fabrication setup that is just short of NASA standards. The icing on the cake is the dyno. There where plenty of activities to stay busy, some others included a driver simulator and good music.

I made sure to bring my son and his little lambo so he could see some real life lambo's. We made the cut for the official AMS open house video which was actually pretty cool. I just want to say that AMS completely shocked and aww'd me when they saw that I tagged them in a post then shortly after sent me all the footage they had of my son and I cruising his little power wheel lambo around that day. That simple gesture made my week.

Enough sentimental feelings and lets take a look at the majestic scenery that came forth in the form of exotic sport cars across the AMS compound. I gave my camera to sean, the lead fabricator over at MXPi Tuning. With only a 50mm lens, I sent him off with nothing more than a good luck and show me what you can do with this lens. Sean did not disapoint, thank you.

Definately no shortages of Evo's.

Here would be an interesting battle. 

Check out the official AMS recap video, where the stance down low little lambo made the final edit. Once again thank you so much.

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