MXPi Open House Anniversary

Not to long ago my good friends over at MXPi Tuning invited the community for its annual open house BBQ. A quaint little shop that pumps out some impressive quality work is located in streamwood/ Schaumburg area. 

Recent products flying off the fabrication tables are their MaxFab Blast Pipes. Coming in a variety of tips for your style selection. Be sure to visit their website and follow them as well on facebook and instagram for more behind the scene action.

The weather this day was a scrotcher, so applying sunscreen is a must. Never the less I brought my son and his little lambo to enjoy the car life. Mr. Cid the shop owner and good friend is on his 3rd or 4th kid now so I knew they would be there along with many other families. It was a good day to say the least.

The shop employee's cars and Mr. Cid's all trac where parked in the frontline of the shop. Justin's Evo and Ricardo's Vdub both wrapped and bagged sitting very pretty for onlookers to drool over.

Here are my guys Randy and Sean shooting the shit. Randy has an early 90's supra that is gridlife battle tested. Sean is the lead fabricator and one hell of a driver as well. The main reason the blast pipes sell so well is because they function well. Click the pic to see Sean rip his IS300 in a little feature we did a while back. 

Alright, lets check out who is rolling in and walking around. 

There where a few cars that stood out. The turbo S2000 and the turbo beetle on air grabbed a lot of attention. Then there was this widebody IS300 that had a mass of people always walking around it and checking out every angle.

Then there was this civic. Fresh out the shop sporting some wider fender work to fit a set of CCW's and a wrap color just short of out of this atmoshpere.

Thank you and come again.

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