A Night Under The Stars

On a friday night not to long ago there was a little meet that caught my attention on facebook. For one, it was a few minutes from my house and secondly I was really bored and wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather chicago has been having lately.

Turns out the meet was a teeny tiny mini meet at best. A few mustang cobra's, a cts-v , a supra and your typical ricebox cruisers were spread out in this abandoned lot. I did recongize one ricebox of a scion tc that belongs to brian of four star society. I made my way over to say hi and then his brother rolls up in his lexus is250.

The majority of the people went inside the local pub next to the lot for dinner. Then thier plan was to cruise to stratts. Brian, his brother Jesse and I went to sushi station instead. There we met one more cat named rodgrigo. After some pot stickers and godzilla rolls were devoured, the question of what to do next was raised.

We couldn't resist mother nature's influence with giving us such a beatiful night. We decided that I would grab my camera and we will go wash the cars and take some pictures.

To show some gratitude, I wanted to give the brothers a token of my appreciation. I just so happened to have some stickers on hand and told them to pick one. Turns out they picked the same one. 

Jesse wanting to celebrate the evening, he had these special occasion lamborghini ciggarettes. We sure did spark one up and it was smooth. The filter was quite plush and the feel was sophisticated compared to your regular gas station carton packs.

Once the car washing was complete we headed over to the streets of woodfield to meet some more friends belonging to the After Dark crew.

Brian's Tc is very clean and simple. Sporting all the TRD goodies and commiting to the static life. Rolling responsibility on the Tc is taken care of by a set of Advans. These advans are quite rare.

Here is Jesse's IS250. It is a manual gear shift transmission sedan. The stance suspension coilovers take care of any bounce or rubbing. A set of Leon Hardiritt Herzogs complete the V.I.P car experience driving down the road. The low life is not for everyone.

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