NvUS 1st Annual Gathering

NvUs is a nationwide community that supports those who support them. The forefront being to maintain a family like atmosphere not only at their events but also amongst peers. Like a family, members encourage eachother through positive feedback. Sometimes honest feedback is needed to maintain the creativity and style needed to be envied.

The gathering set to be held in the upper echelon of suburbia known as South Barrington at the new Gino East Pizza location. Which was literally just off the highway I90, so that alone made it an easy location to get to and find.

Clean on the inside and clean on the outside. This honda accord sporting the V.I.P theme polishes of the look with Junction Produce goodies and that baller passenger table.

The NvUS crew all set up and now the swell of automobiles soon to follow. Unbeknownst to me though, the owner of this accord and I actually used to work together. Small fucking world, now I notice the car everywhere and wonder why I didn't know he had this car. WTF....

Many more cars trickled in and even argueably the most spotted evo in chicagoland graced us with its presence. My buddy Justin's wrapped and bagged evo.

Got to chat with the owner of this vette for a minute. Class act dude who also is a gun instructor. I went shooting for my first time not to long ago and that was intense, pulling the trigger on an Ar-15.... bang bang

CTB Garage holding down the fort. They had on display their raffle vehicle, an eg civic hatch sporting a clean engine bay and b-series motor.

My son and his lambo just enjoying the atmosphere and cool cars.

This is NvUS right here. Family atmosphere gatherings. OG enthusiast sharing stories with the young bucks.

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