Chi town Subaru's Big Meet

Photo's courtesy of Ron Justo _

An open invite to all enthusiast, the chi town subaru's big meet is a mega gathering of boxer engines and all wheel drive brothern. With subaru's being the main focus, non subaru attendees where instructed and navigated to park adjacent to focal point. The location set next to woodfield mall allowed the mass herd of sideway piston flame spitters to arrive with ease.

The location set next to woodfield mall allowed the mass herd of sideway piston flame spitters to arrive with ease.

Subaru's from Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and throughout the midwest made the trek to schuamberg for this unique gathering.

It wasn't before long, that traffic flow of cars from throughout the midwest soon flooded the system. This slowed the roll in process down, like trying to squeeze cold honey out the container; it was slow motion. This only lasted a second as the staff warmed the honey up and got these cars where they needed to be.

The staff really kept it together after their first hurdle. Their were no other issues with cars rolling in. Just a bunch of cars showed up at once and created a bit of a line. 

As I mentioned earlier, this was not a subaru only meet. Just a big emphasis on subaru's. Here we see some of the windy city euro's rolling in. 

MERICA! It's the personal touch each owner adds to their vehicle that makes it their own.

You know it's poppin' when the red bull girls show up. They are always so nice. Now that the red bull girls arrived, lets take a look at some of the talent in this parking lot.

The merger between toyota and subaru with the frs/brz brings scion owners the chance to represent with the subaru side. It's like they got the same mommy but two different daddy's.

Why so serious? Sometimes we see car owners dressing up their car in different ways. Just an extension of the owners personality. I think the white frs has an under bite.

From the land before time, we have subaru's svx. A very clean example and I believe this was the only one in attendance. Not only unique but rare as well.

I wanted to find out more on this one. I know the brake kit was huge. The brakes only suggest stopping power so I wonder what is under the hood.

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