Car & Caffeine March 2016

An impromptu euro morning meet that I found out about the night before at tuner galleria. It was my good friend and midwest director of europrojektz Jimmy that informed of the details. In turn, I notified some of my crew to see who else would like to attend. '

After a washing the car I met with my friends. A quick wake and bake completed lead to the cruise to the streets of woodfield. Slight chill in the air with the breeze otherwise the weather was picture perfect.

When we arrived, Jimmy's volvo was front and center and looking very clean as usual. Although Jimmy was not in sight, after texting eachother he informed me to come inside of the starbucks for breakfast.

I keep seeing the spicy chorizo egg sandwich advertisement and being the naturally groomed consumer produced by our society; I couldn't resist myself and ordered one, Along with a chai tea latte'. The breakfast sandwich was spicy yet quit flavorfull.

I met the owner of this lotus during breaking who happens to be a friend of jimmy's as well. After eating, naturally I came out to the lot to snap some more pics.

Being a european organized meet it is to no suprise to see a regime of BMW's. The M3 specifically was on hand.

Old or new , turbocharged or not the M3 is an iconic european sports car. A popular choice for people to modify because of the ability to handle the mods and tuning.

The golf is agrueably the most popular euro to swap and modify. Compareable to how the civic is to the JDM. The golf is that to the euro market.

As each generation is unveiled and released the golf only gains more popularity. 

Hands down my personal favorite and tastefully modified golf. This one stole the show for me. Well rounded mods with power to pack a punch. I was able to conversate with the owner and some changes are near. A wrap perhaps... We will see more of this golf.

Across the way from the golf where these nice looking rotiforms that where mounted on an audi wagon. 

The rusted hood adds a bit of personality and individualism to an otherwise easily mistakeable daily commuter. 

As people started to feel the weight of breakfast in their stomach. The call to start the engines and head home was delayed.

My good friend or should I say Lambro, showed up in his Lamborghini. Only having it for a month or so he already fitted it with an exhaust. Turn the speakers up and enjoy the sounds that the naturally aspirated V10 engine makes.

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