Monday Night Fitment

Monday Night Fitment is an SDL official meet. Wanting to do racecar things with my racecar friends and keeping up with my fantasy football team is the inception of this SDL meet. I grew up playing football and that same competiveness translates into the car scene as well. With only a month time from inception to conception, this meet wouldn't of been successfull with out the help of a few hands.

The biggest helping hand was BGV Motorsports. BGV Motorsports is one of the most active car show series in the chicagoland, once they heard of this Monday Night Fitment concept that contacted me with a proposed secured location. With the location set and the time established, now the only thing left was to spread the word.

After a full day of work, I headed to the location in schaumburg with my pre-packed car to set up. With no wind and a beautiful forecast for the evening, the table was set for an enjoyable evening.  

As the sun set on this magnificant fall evening, car after car rolled in and filled up the majority of the lot. The BGV guys have quit the muscle and ol' school car following where obvisously Stance Down Low attracts the import crowd. No matter the car, the passion for modifying exists and flows through each of us. This is what brings people from different generations and different car genres together. 

For example, American luxury muscle to japan's new princess the new 86' to the infamous civic. We see the murdered out look of the caddy to a more clean and subtley simply 86' to a kanjo inspired themed honda. To each his own and its events like this with no judgement that bring enthusiast together.

One of Chicago's most recongizable SC chassis' happened to live right up the road from the meet and naturally decided to come check it out. Loaded with JDM goodies this lexus has been well maitained. The recaro's , vented hood and green volks add up to properly modified vehicle.

The nigh sky brought out more cars like the not so distant summer brought out the flies when the sun would go down. The freaks come out at night they say and we saw nicer and nicer cars continue to roll in.

Once this evoX settled in it's parking spot, a full frontal shot was needed. The stormtrooper classic white and black setup is excuted flawlessly. With a subtle stance and aggressive canards upfront express a spirited driver is at the wheel. 

The most unique ride of the evening award goes to this hot rod. This is a perfect example of being low is timeless and has no boundaries. The apitomy of working with what you got, we see how this hot rod is a mix and match build, with parts probaly lying around the garage to put it together. Still the low life is something not defined by a vehicle genre type but rather a state of mind.

To the timeless design of toyota and this 70's era celica. Prestine and refined, it is very hard to find an example this clean of a celica. The sudo muscle car era of the US at the time lends impressions to the body lines of the japanese muscle car market.

To the modern day designs of hyundai, the genesis has grown in its popularity. This low rider is resting on the ground thanks to its air suspension setup ever so nicely above the V.I.P modular wheels.

Have to send a shoutout to Shane from SoILL for showing up in his EM1 DelSol. It was word of mouth that got this meet to be successfull so thank you SoILL for spreading the word and being a part of the night.

Also to the guys at iStance for coming out and supporting. This was right before they sold their Lexus for their now NSX. Thank you and look forward to more events together.

Thank you Mr. HondaPro Jason as well for stopping by after work. This was my first time meeting the internet celebrity and I tried to play it cool. He mentioned that he saw this event on facebook and wanted to check it out since it wasn't far from his job. He congradulated me on the great turn out for the event and I showed some praise to his supercharged civic SI in return.

All in all, it was quit the successfull night, with little time for planning and the determination to bring this idea to life is what keeps the wheels turning. Its amazing what a few focused minds can acheive. This ek hatch took my breathe away and was my favorite of the night. Its moments like this though, for example an elderly gentlemen staying at the nearby hotel who just so happen to be from england, struck up a conversation with me as he came up to my booth. Turns out the english chap is a proud owner of an s2000. It is in these moments where individuals bond and judgement is layed down and where humanity exist.

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