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Tuner Fest 2022


The anticipation and excitement surrounding Tuner Fest injected some much-needed warmth into the chilly winter months of Chicago. It provided a glimmer of hope and something to eagerly anticipate after enduring the deep freeze. However, as the day of the show arrived, I couldn't help but recall that familiar nursery rhyme... Rain rain go away, come again another day!!! Despite our attempts at various urban myths and rituals, the rain poured down relentlessly throughout the day, refusing to let up until the early afternoon. Countless months of meticulous planning and organization had led up to this momentous occasion, and I turned to my son and remarked, "On days like these, it seems like anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." Nevertheless, we had to adapt and persevere, rolling with the punches and never giving up!

I made a conscious effort to resist the temptation of constantly checking the weather forecast in the days leading up to the show. I remained optimistic, believing that any rain would be short-lived and would eventually clear up. On the day of the show, everything began just like any other day. I loaded up the trailer with all my merchandise, promotional materials, stage lights, and, of course, my cars.


Oh boy, do I ever recall mentioning that infamous saying "what can go wrong will go wrong"? Well, let me tell you, that trend wasted no time in making its grand entrance bright and early in the morning. Can you believe it? The girl who was supposed to be in charge of running my booth was nowhere to be found, not even bothering to answer her phone. Now, normally I wouldn't make a fuss about it, but here's the kicker: the night before, she had messaged me, promising to sleep in my driveway if it meant not missing the event. And what happens? She goes and misses the event, completely ignoring all attempts to reach her. So now, my friend, I find myself in the delightful position of having to hire a new cashier for the booth. Ain't life just full of surprises?


As luck would have it, my friend who was supposed to drive the fuga didn't wake up until 8:30am. So, my dad, my son, another friend, and I made our way to the stadium. The official roll-in time was 9:30am, but when I got there just before that, there was already a line forming. Can you believe it? I wasn't late, you guys were just super early! Haha!


As soon as I got to the stadium, one of my check-in staff was already there, while the rest were just a few minutes away. We quickly got the line moving and began checking people in and parking cars. Unless you arrived at the crack of dawn, there was no need to wait for hours to enter. I wasn't tardy, you all were just overly punctual. Just kidding!


Just as we started setting up the vendors and parking the cars, the skies opened up and rain poured down. It lasted for hours. I had bought a bunch of ponchos ahead of time, expecting the rain, but unfortunately, Amazon didn't deliver them until Sunday. I had placed the order early in the week, and Amazon had promised they would arrive on time. Murphy's Law strikes again!

Fortunately, I stumbled upon a poncho tucked away in one of my boxes, and let me tell you, it was a lifesaver. The rain was pouring down heavily by midday, with no end in sight. As time passed, the poncho started succumbing to the rain, leaving my hoodie and pants soaked. With each step, my shoes made a squishy sound. Things were definitely getting soggy.


Well, well, what a morning it has been! And just when I thought things couldn't get any more eventful, my trusty friend arrives in his sleek fuga and I immediately put him to work. As soon as we manage to extinguish one fire, another one ignites. However, my focus quickly shifts to the main stage as they encounter some pesky technical difficulties with the audio.


During this period of downtime, the sound of cars filled the air, accompanied by some music to alleviate the silence. However, it seems that the volume was a bit excessive, as the nearby horse farm had to call the police when their horses became agitated. Just as the cops arrived, a backup plan emerged in the form of a walking DJ cart. It truly saved the day! It's important to remember that when it comes to event planning, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. But don't fret, just keep rolling with the punches!


As the roll-in wraps up and the crowd starts to flood in like a torrential downpour, get ready for the next exciting episode of Tuner Fest, where we'll dive into a collection of sleek, rain-soaked cars.


It would be an understatement to say that it poured, as the rain came down heavily and persisted for several hours. Despite the downpour, the air was vibrant and I could sense the energy intensifying.


Despite the dampness, people were undeterred from strolling around and having a great time.

The rain enhanced the atmosphere, creating perfect chances for artistic photos - if you were bold enough to face the weather. I'm thankful our media team braved the elements for these incredible shots! The H22 swapped civic, my personal favorite Honda, looked stunning even when soaked.


Take a closer look at these Honda beauties, owned by the talented Cuevas brothers. These two Honda's are a testament to their meticulous craftsmanship, as no detail has been overlooked. Both of these Civic's are adorned with an abundance of JDM goodness, from the eye-catching Gramlights to the sleek Airwalker front bumper. The lime green one boasts a powerful K-series engine, while the blue one is equipped with a B-series VTEC motor. These Honda's are a true sight to behold!

I believe that one of the most pristine cars at the event often goes unnoticed. This turbocharged beauty is packed with all the JDM upgrades you could ask for. I have a strong hunch that this car will be taking home some awards soon.

Don't miss out on checking out Cj's S2K when discussing Honda's lineup. This stunning car got a fresh color wrap this year, making it even more eye-catching. Dive into our feature section to discover the amazing journey this s2000 has been on!



Before we dive into the 2-step comp, awards, models, and DJs, let's take a moment to acknowledge these two stunning Lexus cars. The white GS traveled all the way from Las Vegas, while the black GS made its journey from Kansas City. It was truly remarkable that they had heard such fantastic things about the event and decided to experience it firsthand. Their dedication truly touched me, and I felt incredibly honored and humbled. In fact, we even enjoyed some refreshing beers together at my place afterwards.


Without further ado, let's dive into the true gem and an absolute marvel, the one and only Sen City! You know, they often say that if you don't take a shot, you'll miss 100% of the time. So, during the winter, I decided to reach out to Sen City and invited her to join us at Tuner Fest. To my astonishment, she actually replied, and the rest, as they say, is now part of our shared history. I must say, she's an incredible person for braving the rain and sticking with us till the end. What a sweetheart!


Also, big shout out to our homegirl Nicole Lynn Sharpe for coming to model as well.


Now, let's dive into the thrilling 2-step competition! The showdown unfolded over several rounds, pitting the iconic jdm legends against the alluring euro temptations. Initially, the roaring engines of a gtr and an rx7 went head-to-head, captivating the crowd with their explosive power. However, just when things seemed settled, the volkswagens joined the fray, lining up to showcase their own impressive skills.

If you've never been to or experience a 2-step competition, well the volkswagens are usually the loudest. A volkswagen will literally sound like a canon going off!!


Let's not forget about the music, it's the last thing I want to discuss. We had two incredible stages and a total of 14 talented DJs who rocked the crowd for a solid 7 hours. But let me tell you, one performance that truly stole the show was Zoreau and the drummer who took the spotlight on the second stage. The energy they brought was absolutely mind-blowing! Did you all feel it too?


It's never a real party without my man GOONBA in the house. He's the one who brings the savage vibes and helps me out with the awards. I take pride in my award ceremonies because they're unlike anything you've ever seen. We hype up the crowd, then drop the beat when we reveal the winner. The winner struts up to claim their prize with a killer bass drop and all the works.


Big thanks to our latest sponsors, LazerTek! They really outdid themselves with these unique awards. All I gave them were the logos and some examples of past awards, and they took care of the rest. Can't wait to unveil their next creation at Summer Nights Rockford Speedway on July 17th!


A huge shoutout to all of you, whether you were present, part of the crew, had a blast at the event, or even if you didn't. Your presence and support are what make these shows possible, and I am incredibly grateful to each and every one of you! And now, without any more delay, presenting the sensational Tuner Fest 4k After Movie by the one and only roller king!

I almost forgot to talk about the food! This year, we had just under ten food vendors, including a few Mexican street food vendors that ended up in a taco showdown. The ultimate winner gets to boast about having the best taco at the festival! Chico's Tacos took home the prize this year, and rightfully so. Their pineapple pastor was a hit, and the aroma of the meat cooking on the grill was irresistible. We also had Stix & Noodles, a Filipino food truck that I discovered at a pop-up event near my place. I extended an invitation to them for Tuner Fest, and they graciously accepted. The feedback I received after the show about Stix & Noodles was overwhelmingly positive, with many people trying Filipino food for the first time and loving it. They've definitely become a fan favorite!

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