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Best 9 of 2021


Let us take a look back at some of our favorite pictures and memories of 2021. This past year was a year of risk, growth and enjoyment. What we have been working towards for the better part of a decade, we finally see coming together before our eyes. This is a testament that hard work, sacrifice, dedication and perseverance will pay off. The power of believing in one's self is remarkable and sometimes our biggest fear is the unknown. It's in these moments where one will degreese or evolve. For me, in that moment of being scared to jump; well, that is the moment to jump!


2021 started off with a banger of an event with our Tuner Fest show. Tuner Fest is our newest branded show that seamlessly blends music and cars together. Going into its 3rd year at the Kane County Cougars Stadium, Tuner Fest has continued to grow with each passing year. The May 2021 show was our biggest Tuner Fest to date. Featuring a 2step competition, a few hundred cars, a couple thousand people and a full music line up with an impressive production set up. Tuner Fest is morphing into a top notch show and a destination event. This upcoming year for Tuner Fest, we have cars registered already coming from Las Vegas, Kansas, Florida, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana. Tuner Fest 2022 is shaping up to be the biggest one yet, also we are going inside the stadium for 2022 and will have 2 stages, 14 dj's and 7hrs of music.  I am excited to see the growth of Tuner Fest!


Where is your Stance? Coils or Bags? Show or Go? Street or track? When I started Stance Down Low ten years ago this is what I envisioned. Having the best of both worlds, a show car and a track car. One car on bags and one car on coilovers. Tuner Evolution was the first time these two cars have been in the same place together. The Honda has been a labor of love and a project that I've kept under wraps for quite some time and a project car that people didn't even know that I have. The Honda build is one of those builds where what could go wrong did go wrong and there were a lot of obstacles to overcome throughout the Honda build process. Then on the way from Tuner Evolution, the fuga broke. It's literally always something with these cars. This was the first time in over seven years I got to drive my Honda and it felt great.


My first out of state show that I produced, funded, organized whatever you want to call it, I did. We were heading to Memphis International Raceway for our Summer Nights Event but before our big date, I headed down to Memphis to scoop out the venue and city. My only previous experience or knowledge of Memphis is what I have watched on The First 48 TV show and that Memphis is a music city. I was nervous not just for the unknown but also for the fuga. This was a nine hour drive according to the GPS and the fuga hasn't been on a journey that far. With a spare tire, a jack, and some tools we headed off. The nine hour drive quickly turned into a twelve hour drive that had me questioning all my life decisions.


The fuga made the journey to Memphis unscaved but not without some butt clinching moments. Music City is a different vibe. A vibe that I liked. The food, the people, and the racetrack were all great. I met some amazing people, had an amazing time and I am left with memories that will last a lifetime.


So, remember earlier when I mentioned being scared to jump is the time that you should jump. Well, Memphis was my leap of faith this past year. I put a lot of my eggs in this basket to see it through. My stress levels were at an all time high but in the end none of that matters. I was able to bring my team to Memphis and share this experience with them, it felt good being able to do that. I usually celebrate my wins alone. I can't wait and I am looking forward to coming back to Memphis.


Leaving Memphis was a bittersweet but a proud moment. Knowing that all my worrying, all my stress, all the emotions were worth it. Like, I came, I saw, I conquered type of moment. At times, I'm sure we all feel like this at moments when we are the only ones that believe in our dreams and that we are truly alone. I've said it before, it doesn't matter who believes in you as long as you believe in yourself but in this moment I felt like I had people who believed in me. Truly believed in me. This was an emotional moment for me.   


Summer Nights Rockford 2021 was our 3rd year building this show with Elite Tuner and our last year working with Elite Tuner on a partnership capacity. At the end of the day this last year's show didn't produce the numbers that our partners wanted. With these results our partner decided that the easiest way to increase his numbers is to subtract us from the equation. A similar situation I've dealt with before but handled much more professionally. We sat and talked like adults and were going in seperate directions. What I learned from previous failed partnerships, I kept the branding of the event and also the location. Like previous partnerships, I did the leg work of securing the location and organizing the show. I wasn't about to lose out on all my hard work. I'm sure our partners will host a show at the same location but it won't be the same. Join us July 17th for Summer Nights Rockford 2022!!!


Yes, that is me working the register at the booth. Sometimes you will catch me holding down the fort. Still to this day even with all my legitimate corporate sales experience, I get butterflies talking to new people. This past year I made it a priority to step up our merch game. Almost all the merchandise we sell I make in my little workshop. I cut and weed the vinyl and I also heat press the shirts and hoodies. For 2022 we plan on adding a few colors, a few new items and a new design. Thank you everyone that bought some merch this year and supporting us.


I recently admitted to myself that I collect hot wheels. My passion for hot wheels has flowed over to the realm of diorama's. My first diorama was this honda dealership from magic city. I also have the magic city police station, a 711 and I recently started to build my own dioramas. It is quickly getting out of hand but a hobby I am thoroughly enjoying nonetheless.

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