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My Lil' Vtec Club


My passion for VTEC engines began back in the day when I first got behind the wheel of my Honda, nearly fifteen years ago. As time went on, my love for cars grew even more, especially when I became a dad and started collecting Hot Wheels. Now, I find myself wondering about the VTEC Club, if I own every Honda Hot Wheel out there, and where I got that cool diorama display. It's like I never lost that inner child who's always loved cars and toys.


Have you ever wondered what a diorama is? Well, let me enlighten you! A diorama is a captivating model that brings a scene to life using three-dimensional buildings and figures. While some may think of grand museum exhibits when they hear the word diorama, most of us are familiar with the delightful miniature displays. If you're on the hunt for these intricate diorama creations, you can find them in various places. One reliable source is eBay, where you can discover a treasure trove of dioramas. However, I personally found a stunning piece on livecarmodel.com, although I must admit, the anticipation was almost unbearable as I eagerly waited for it to arrive for a whole month!


Ever since I laid eyes on a vibrant green EK hatchback with a striking bomex kit in a Super Street magazine, my adoration for the Honda brand ignited. It was during my freshman year in high school when this captivating sight captured my heart instantly. From that moment on, I knew I had to possess an EK of my own.


During my early years of automotive research, I stumbled upon the Vtec Club. This exclusive segment is a remarkable addition to the renowned Best Motoring International video series. I instantly developed a deep affection for these extraordinary Honda power special edition videos. They provided me with a treasure trove of knowledge that I eagerly implemented in my own Honda builds. If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing a Vtec Club or Best Motoring video, I strongly urge you to embark on a quest for them on YouTube.


Do I possess every single Honda Hot Wheel? Not yet, but I'm on a mission to gather as many Honda Hot Wheels as I can. This newfound passion ignited when I became a father and started buying toys for my son. Our visits to Walmart and Target quickly transformed into thrilling expeditions solely focused on hunting down Hot Wheels. Once we returned home, the real excitement began as we raced our Hot Wheels to determine the ultimate speed champion. Whether it was on our challenging touge course or the adrenaline-pumping drag strip, the competition was consistently fierce and endlessly enjoyable!


The childlike wonder in me is alive and well, reignited every time I stumble upon unique hot wheels and transports. Since becoming a parent, my passion for hot wheels has grown into the impressive collection you see today. I hope that spark of curiosity and imagination still burns bright in all of you, driving you to ask questions and seek out answers. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but never forget to pursue what brings you joy.


I wonder where this exciting new hobby will take me next. Hopefully, it will bring more hot wheels into my life. It's clear that this journey has sparked my imagination and creativity, reigniting the childlike wonder within me that I had almost forgotten. Before I go, here's a glimpse of the first touge battle my son and I captured together. Who knows, maybe there will be more hot wheel videos coming your way soon!

Here is a tour of our city diorama hot wheels world.

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