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It's that time of year, when our favorite event called Gridlife comes around. We have been attending Gridlife since day one and gained the title of legacy vendor. We have experienced Gridlife through the comfort of an air conditioned hotel room to actually roughing it and camping at the race track. For this year's article, I would like to go over some guidelines, tips and tricks that helped me and I'm sure will help others as well to surviving the weekend at Gridlife.

The first level of preparation starts at home. Knowing what to pack without overpacking is key to a successful weekend. Remember that on the last day, when it is time to pack up, do you really have the energy or even want to break down another tent or canopy? So pack light and limit yourself to the essentials.

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Before even embarking on this journey I recommend that your group is on the same page and that arriving early is better for the group. Arrive as soon as you can so that you can claim your campgrounds. Like a pioneer staking his claim, if you are late at picking your spot then you might end up in a less than favorable location. So come early and thank me later.

One thing we did this year differently was having walkie talkies for the departure out of Chicago. Being able to communicate with the other drivers in our group made navigating the chicago bumper to bumper traffic that much more smoother. So I highly recommend walkie talkies if you're traveling with a convoy.

Gridlife is more fun with friends, so the weeks leading up to this glorious weekend, we made a game plan for our camping compound. For example, who will be bringing what? Spreading the load across all the parties like this makes for a more enjoyable weekend.

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I brought extra canopies, tables and chairs while another friend brought a grill, a flat top grill and an air fryer. It was lit over at the SDL compound, to say the least we ate like champions all weekend. It's ok to fancy things up, food is an essential to surviving Gridlife and we just kind of kicked it up a notch with the flat top. I know we woke our neighbors up with the smell of eggs and chorizo cooking in the morning.

Now that you have arrived at Gridlife; hopefully early with your crew and hopefully set up your compound in the shade...?... Now what do you do? Remember if you get there on thursday, don't party to hard because we still got concerts on friday and saturday to rage at. So have a light Thursday night and maybe a little yoga Friday morning or a siesta in the hammocks in the afternoon to prepare for the rest of the evening.

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Remember that at night there is a spectacular show to enjoy. So don't overdo yourself during the day. The stage that gridlife had this year was amazing. The light show and Co2 Cannons were on point. An incredible music festival production at a racetrack for a bunch of different enthusiast.

What I do on the first day is walk the pits to check out the race cars. Then head over to turn two and enjoy the sounds of combustion till the sunset and the track goes cold. Other activities for the first night might include a game or two of beer pong. Just remember it is only night one and don't over do it just because you're at "Gridlife". Don't be that guy.

Now that you have survived day one, your confidence should be high and ready for a full day of activities. Friday is all about racing, checking out the vendors, eating and watching the drifters get ready for their adrenaline pumping runs. A solid breakfast will hold us off till we eat a late lunch/ dinner, but make sure to keep hydrated and have a bunch of snacks throughout the day.

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While we make dinner and the sun starts to set is when we will have a few drinks before the first concert on friday night. Once again, I don't discourage anyone from a good time but don't be that guy that drinks all day and passes out before the concert. Enjoy yourself but don't be that guy.

Keep in mind that racing starts early on saturday morning. So if you were up late on friday, don't plan on sleeping in on Saturday. Unless you're a heavy sleeper and can sleep through three inch straight pipe exhaust screaming at eight thousand rpms!!!

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Saturday can be handled the same as Friday but everyone usually turns it up a little bit more. The adrenaline throughout the day from the drifters is intoxicating, so the enegry levels are pretty high on Saturdays. So with that being said, handle yourself well otherwise the security or the state troopers will make sure you are ok.

Saturday is also the day for the car showcase. Take the time to go check out the builds. Every car is pre-screen because space is very limited over by the pond. The pond makes for a surreal spot and there is a small stage playing music during the day.

The last thing to remember is the actual concert itself. Leave all valuables in a safe secure place. Empty your pockets if you plan on getting close to the stage. Prepare for sudden mosh pits to break out. Don't try to push your way toward the stage because that's when sudden mosh pits tend to break out. Lastly, if you can't handle the pit then get out. 

We enjoyed ourselves, we enjoyed Waka Flaka and the entertaining show he put on. It was very lit to say the least.

There we have!!! Our survival Guide to Gridlife!!! A quick recap of what we just learned and the essentials to surviving the weekend at gridlife... 

1) Pack your personal hygiene essentials

2) Pack any tech gadgets/ camera's or creature comforts

3) Divide the Big items to bring amongst your group - Grills, food, coolers etc:

4) Leave early & with walkie talkies

5) Stake your claim & try to be in the shade

6) Don't over do it on the first night

7) Don't skip breakfast or dinner. Stay hydrated and eat plenty of snacks

8) Watch the time attack and don't miss the drifting 

9) Don't over do it

10) Make Friends & Have a Great Time!!!!

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